Natural Doctrine Confirmed To Release This September In Europe & North America

NIS America has confirmed the western release date for Kadokawa Games’ Natural Doctrine, with North America getting the title on September 16th while European players will receive the game three days later on September 19th. The game was originally confirmed for these regions a few months back. As well as the release date announcement NIS America also revealed what the Collector’s Edition would include.



As you can see that version of the game will include a backpack, an art book, and a poster which is apparently tear resistant. Natural Doctrine is a tactical RPG that sees players take control of a character called Jeff, as well as others to fight in a world inhabited by monsters and magic. The game has already released in Japan, and will release here on PS4, PS3 and Vita.

Source: NIS America



  1. Looks really cool, even more so in Japanese. But, I reckon I’ll be neck-deep in Diablo 3 on PS4 at the end of August until at least December.

  2. Excellent. Been watching this and having my mid year Japanese import spree, I’d purposely left this off. I’m so glad that these gems are making their way over.

  3. Gameplay looks interesting, but the graphics are very Vita-esque… To put it nicely. Not something I’d buy on PS4, but the Vita version? Perhaps.

    That Jeff though…

  4. Japanese RPGs don’t usually look particularly great, really. Look at how many games NIS have published on the PS3 that could easily be confused for late PS2 games.

    The gameplay is much more important. And it probably has about 200 different game mechanics all crammed into it with varying degrees of success. The PS4 can probably improve that to 500, including at least a couple of dozen totally different crafting systems.

    I like NIS. They bring Japanese games to the West, with all that translation to be done, and probably sell 7 copies. If they can do that and still make money, good for them. Keep it up. Bring us lots of weird RPGs for the PS4.

    And remember, even the games they give us that could almost be PS2 games look about 1000 times better than some of that pixelly crap Sony have been inflicting on us with PS+ lately. Play a lot better too. And people probably have the same highly divided opinions on them. (Hint: Pixelly crap = generally rubbish, wading through dozens of almost identical battles just to make a sword a little bit better = strangely addictive, more so if you can chuck an exploding penguin about while you do it)

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