Google’s Android TV Controller Leaked By Photo?

Reportedly, during Google’s I/O conference last week, one attendee managed to snap a shot of the yet-to-be-revealed controller for the firm’s upcoming entertainment system.


Artem Russakovskii recently uploaded a photo of the upcoming platform, complete with a snazzy-looking controller. According to one Reddit user, the design matches that of a leaked Android render.

Android TV, for those in the dark, is a top-box that could also be loosely branded as a gaming console. With it, users can access Google Play to download their favourite apps such as Netflix while also exploring a growing catalogue of Android games. The system will even allow other players to join using their tablet and mobile devices. Android TV will also be built into select TV sets in future.



  1. OUYA 2.0

  2. They (Amazon, Google, et al) really are trying to push this Android/iOS games will destroy console gaming thing, aren’t they?

    It seems to have gone beyond mere rhetoric in the last 12 months as they’ve clearly thought that with the explosion of gaming on mobile that people were swapping console gaming for mobile and thus wouldn’t be interested in the PS4 or Xbox One.

    Pity that the majority of their games on their respective stores won’t be designed for console, but instead for a touch interface.

  3. are they supposed to be mini touchpads or does it just have smooth shiny plastic thumbsticks?

    because neither seems like a good idea.

    or maybe they just haven’t rendered the sticks and those are just two gaping holes into the controller.

  4. Not a bad looking controller but it looks a bit bare.

  5. At least it looks better than the Amazon controller.

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