MonkeyPaw Games Releasing What Could Be The Rarest PS3 Disc Based Title

MonkeyPaw Games has announced an extremely limited run for a disc based version of Class Of Heroes 2G, a first person JRPG. The game is coming to PS3 via a digital release, so the buying the physical release is really something for a fan, or an avid collector. This decision came after MonkeyPaw gauged interest from fans, and raised enough funding to follow through with the project.

The physical edition of Class Of Heroes 2G will come with a manual, reversible cover, and a serial number to show just how rare the game will be. The only way to get a copy is through a presale where it is currently priced at $49.99, which equates to roughly £30. Shipping to Europe would incur an additional $10 charge. Once the order is placed the money will be take from your account, and it is stressed there are no refunds, with the game expected to arrive in about two months.

Personally I’m a little bit tempted just for the novelty factor.

Source: MonkeyPaw Games


  1. The game doesn’t look too good, but damn it’s tempting to buy one for the novelty and future value.

  2. Looks like etrian odyssey and demon gaze with some fancy visual effects. Hope something along the lines of “the legend of grimlock” can be developed for vita, for more immersiveness instead of relying on static visuals.

  3. still not as hard to get as Panzer Dragoon Saga was back in the day.

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