Cast Your Google Play Movie Purchases To PS3 Through The Youtube App

For a while now you’ve been able to pair your various devices with the PS3 Youtube app, which means you can access your subscriptions and saved videos on the big screen. It’s a fairly straightforward process that starts by starting the app up on the console, and then entering a code. Now it appears you can stream your purchased Play movies to the PS3 by selecting them on your device and activating streaming, without having to spend money on a Chromecast.

I’ve tried it using both my laptop and smartphone through the Youtube website and app, using the free Big movie purchase from a few months back, and it works fine. I’ve been looking around and it appears a few users already had access to this but it is rolling out to more people. Google hasn’t really publicised the feature that much. You can’t stream your music purchases the same way, though there are third party apps like Skifta for smartphone that are compatible with the PS3 and allow you to do it.

Source: Tip from Mark (m6176b on Twitter)



  1. You still need to start the Youtube app though. The great thing about the Chromecast is you can just press a button in the app on your phone and it finds devices on your network that can play it. Just pick one, and it starts streaming fairly instantly. No need to start the app on the device you’re casting to.

    All it does from the phone side, really, is find devices to cast to, and hand them the location of the stream, plus the location for the web app that handles it. The Chromecast then just loads the HTML and starts streaming into that.

    Is it too much to hope for that Sony might one day manage to squeeze all that stuff into the PS4? (Or even the PS3). If the new Android TV stuff is going into Sony TVs, I’m sure they can fit it into the PS4. That would give them another big advantage over the XBone.

    • Yep, Chromecast is a little bit too slick to be replaced by a console, but it’s a nice feature to add to the roster. Presumably the casting software can be built into all sorts of devices, including TVs themselves?

      • There are 3 bits to it.

        The “sender application” (to use Google’s terms). Any app for Android/iOS/Chrome can use the API from Google to add the cast button and do all the clever bits (discovery of receivers and passing the content URL and details of the app to play the content). Anyone can add that to their app.

        Then there’s the “receiver application” which is basically just HTML. You host that yourself, and Chromecast fetches it when the sender app tells it to. That just handles the user interface and any DRM you need. Or there’s a default receiver available. The receiver needs to be registered with Google (except if you’re using the default version)

        So anyone can make their apps cast any supported content to any Chromecast device.

        Supporting it in devices should be fairly trivial, although I suspect it involves talking to Google and agreeing to various things. I guess there’s 2 options. Make your TV run Android TV (as various manufacturers are planning to do), or build it all yourself.

        In the case of the PS4, you’ve got an OS with all the networking code in place, and a web browser, so all Sony would have to do is add something that announces it’s available for casting, and listens for the casting commands. Which sounds trivial, but obviously isn’t quite that simple to add to what is presumably already a very complicated bit of software.

        And it really does need to go in at the OS level. You can’t have a Chromecast app running on the PS4 you need to launch every time you want to cast anything to it. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of the thing.

        It all sounds like it would make perfect sense for Sony, especially if they’re going to have it in their TVs. But you know what these people are like. No DLNA support in the PS4. And the PS3 DLNA support was only partly implemented anyway. Well, fully implemented the player part of it, which could pull content from a server. Didn’t do the possibly more useful renderer part, which would have meant you could push content from a server to the PS3. Although, that would involve using Windows Media Player, or assorted somewhat flakey phone apps to push the content. And still has the problem of needing the receiver running in the first place before you can push the content to it.

        Which is the genius part of Chromecast. Although the DIAL protocol it’s either using or is based on (I’m not quite sure which) was more of a joint thing with Youtube and Netflix (and lots of others, including Sony).

        I’d really like Chromecast to succeed. Sort of. Ideally without Google having too much control over it. It needs to be open for anyone to implement.

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