Gain Access To New Missions & Perks In The Watch Dogs DLC That Releases Tomorrow

Watch Dogs will be getting some new DLC tomorrow in the form of the Access Pack, which will unlock new missions to play through as well as perks and weapons. It’s the first major drop since the issues with the season pass on PS4 were apparently resolved. The Access Pack will bring with it three new missions for Aiden to resolve through his use of hacking and shooting.

The first mission is The Palace Mission Pack where Aiden has to get into an internet mogul’s palace, which contains a a database full of people’s information. This includes Aiden and DedSec so in this mission you have to destroy all the data that is present, as well as make sure the mogul doesn’t talk. The next is called Signature Shot, where you have to track a weapon before it gets to the Black Viceroys gang, and steal it before they get. Finally you have Breakthrough where stopping a meeting of the Chicago Club is the objective, and to eliminate those who attended.


There will also be five new outfits to dress up Aiden in.

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  1. I think its essentially all of the pre-order dlc and the stuff which was in the different limited/collector editions.

    • Yup. I complete con for people who bought more expensive editions, and then the season pass, since those customers (who spent the most) are getting content they already have. Last time I buy a Ubisoft season pass.

      • In addition, HMV are selling the statue from the dead sec edition separately. I feel pretty cheated.

        Not just Ubisoft though as I’m pretty sure the DLC from the special edition of Infamous is on the store, for a damned sight less than the extra the special edition cost.

      • It’s great way to piss off some of your best customers! Idiots.

  2. Is this DLC actually covered by the season pass, or was that just mentioned because it had issues?

  3. I just feel really cheated by this game… They went for quantity over quality. The online mode’s are broken albeit some modes innovative such as the hacking. Don’t get me wrong some parts of the gameplay is good; the graphics aren’t as bad as people would have you believe. The story mode is shallow, the modes get repetitive and quality overall is previous gen. This game feels like a bad port.

    • I actually didn’t mind the story, at least the bits with Iraq, Bed Bug and T-Bone (essentially the middle bit)…the start and finish with Damian were cheesy. However I totally agree about the quantity, I wrote in the forum yesterday that I thought the campaign missions were pretty decent however there are SO many side missions that are all exactly the same, and they all use the same boring parts of the map, despite there being some more interesting locations that you’re never really required to visit/explore. I think it was rushed.

      • Yeah, Iraq’s part was the best bit of the game. I felt they could’ve involved Jordy and T-Bone a bit more because Aiden is so bland. I just felt most of the missions ended in a massive machine gun battle which was so lethargic.
        Have you tried doing the investigations? I did the human investigation one and it’s the biggest let down it’s essentially a criminal convoy. They could’ve expanded on the investigations so much more. Another annoying thing is that you can’t multi-save which is a shame.

      • I actually found Jordy annoying but at least if he had more involvement it would have made it more interesting. It was so easy to do the missions by stealth – tap R3 for a second, shoot in the face, tap R3 again to save Focus – then repeat.

        Yeah that last human investigation was a joke!! And even the missing persons one was ended far to easy, just a normal criminal take-down. I really think it was rushed.

        It has potential but considering the gameplay is rather repetitive, they needed to make the game more story focused, and lose the amount of crappy side missions.

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