Check Out Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad

We first heard about Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad a few weeks ago, and now Insomniac has delivered a video detailing what this mode entails.


Chaos Squad offers up to eight player co-op multiplayer, and everyone can bring their character from the single player game into Chaos Squad with them. From there, players vote on the types of games they want to play, and if they succeed in conquering the enemy, they’ll end up in a mode Insomniac has dubbed ‘Night Defense’.

In this variant all eight players work together to fend off waves of enemies, but each player has traps at their disposal they can use on the fly. Insomniac notes that the voting choices will vary, and the Night Defense mode changes depending on what the players chose to do prior to making it to the finale.

Sunset Overdrive definitely looks like the kind of game you’d expect from Insomniac, and eight player co-op should make all the mayhem that much more fun. Sunset Overdrive launches October 28 on Xbox One.

Source: Gameinformer



  1. Jet Set Radio meets Orcs Must Die? I’ll take two!

  2. This sounds quite fun. I might just have to pick it up.

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