PES 2015’s New Generation Debut Detailed

With the ambitious tagline, “The pitch is ours,” PES 2015 is set to make the leap to the latest and greatest console hardware, and try to give the ever-popular FIFA series a run for its money. Though we’ve already been teased about this and certain outlets were given hands on time with the game at the end of last month, this is the first time that Konami have thrown open the doors to really talk about what the game is set to offer.

PES 2014 already ran on the FOX engine, but without the PS4 and XBO to back up this impressive tech – best known for its use in Metal Gear Solid V, of course – it’s only in PES 2015 that we’ll really see what it’s able to bring to a sports game such as this. The visuals are certainly rather impressive, with much higher quality player models and animations, a real-time lighting engine and more atmospheric stadiums thanks to reactive crowd animations.


But that’s just the graphics and Konami wrote in their press release that they want to focus on shooting and goal keeping mechanics to enhance the “Excitement Of Goals”, the “Final Pass” and the “1 on 1” situations in the game. These are necessarily backed up by improved response times in the controls, a move away from relying on trick moves to get past players as well as better control when defending, and player AI that is aware of everything that’s going on across the pitch.

With myClub, there’s an overhaul to Master League Online coming, which will add micro-transactions to the mix, alongside the regular GP that you earn. This comes alongside using agents to find particular players to match criteria and the need to keep players happy. There’s also some quite barmy possibilities mentioned where something called “Adaptable Match Environments” will apparently let you tell the pitch groundsman to cut the grass to different lengths or water the grounds in a particular way to suit your playing style, whether it’s a passing game or whatever. I think that manages to bring the tagline into focus a little better.

Naturally, there’s plenty more to talk about, and Konami will be discussing the PS4 and XBO versions, as well as the other platforms, over the months running up to the game’s usual release slot this autumn.

Source: press release



  1. I’m afraid this is just not going to be the game from Konami I’ve been crying out for for a number of years, from what I’ve seen of Fifa 15 it looks miles ahead of PES (depressingly) once again.

    • Totally agree, they promised the same thing every PES game in the PS3 era and each and everyone was a let down. I bet you the commentary is as dire as ever and will still feature comments from the PS2 versions of the game.

      Plus microtransactions, pfft.

    • Disagree FIFA sells the same product year in & out & people buy into it, this year they are going allow you to kick the grass & maybe they will allow the ref to spray some white spray on the grass when free kick being taken

      • I don’t watch a lot of football, but I did catch the last part of Costa Rica/Uraguay & happened to catch a free kick being awarded.

        I had no idea they were employing taggers as Refs these days.

      • and yet, it will still be 10 times the game PES is.

  2. Can’t wait for pro15, been starved a good football game on ps4, if they can how incorporate something like pro clubs that would be brilliant

  3. Still not convinced, Konami promise the same things every year and always ends in disappointment. I don’t think PES will ever be where it was before. Fifa have innovated far more.
    Graphically it looks poor, just looks like PES 2014.5 running on PS3.
    Hope it does surprise me though.

  4. Micro trans, in the only mode I play every year, you got to be bloody kidding.

  5. This is one of many hcore mlge fans, who will feel stabbed in the back & put off newcomers who want the online xp, but dont have or wish to use money for the ultimate team.. All my support & loyalty over the years, , has ended in pay to win, thanks konami.

  6. Not to happy about microtransactions but I think I’ll give it a go. It may be my last time (I feel I’ve said that before a few times). I just hope it gets back to the peak it once had but feel it won’t and can’t unfortunately. My greatest game memories are of PES 5 and 6. Please fulfill my hopes Konami.

  7. Looks like the licence Konami bought for Man United rights also included the clause that Rooney must have a full head of head hair.

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