New Halo: The Master Chief Collection Trailer Features An Arbiter Monologue

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was one of the big reveals at Microsoft’s E3 conference, compiling all four of the main Halo entries into one package for the Xbox One. Now a new trailer has been released narrated by Thel Vadam, aka the Arbiter, and an ally of Master Chief. In this trailer, titled Terminal, he talks about his rise in the Convenant forces, how he is known as the destroyer by humans, and how he is a friend to Master Chief.

However during his monologue Arbiter says something rather striking, about events that could turn Chief against him.

“How well do you know your friend, human? And what will you call me when you learn the truth of what I have done?”

The terminals in the Halo Collection will explore more of the pasts of different characters, and through here it may be that players may learn some horrific events Arbiter took part in before he was given that title. It may even set up something for the character who could make a return in Halo 5, after not being part of Halo 4.

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  1. One of the many things Halo games have always been good at is sneaking in backstory. If the main 1-3 story wasn’t enough, there’s all the exciting backstory and bigger picture. Just thinking about it makes the X1 tempting.

    • This collection made me buy One, I can’t wait to replay them. I’m currently reading some of the comics, and they are surprisingly decent. The Arbiter plays a role there, we get a glimpse at his life after Halo 3. I won’t spoil anything but I wonder how it plays into this.

      From what I understand, everything is one canon (apart from one comedic short film about Spartan 1337). 343 is doing a fine job of merging everything together, far more than can be said about Star Wars…

    • Never owned a halo game before, just played abit of 3 at friends and alot of halo wars (loved that).

      But the whole story/setting seems right up my street and this collection is a really good chance to catch up on about 10 years worth of content.

      I’m also interested in the nightfall mini-series that you get with the collection.

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