Get Ready To Enter A New Fight As Gearbox Announces Battleborn For PS4, Xbox One & PC

This month’s GameInformer cover reveal brings a new title from Gearbox Software in the form of Battleborn, which is being described as first person MOBA, bringing together characters in an intergalactic fight. The story has the characters fighting over the last star that exists in their universe, with characters such as immortal samurai, space marine, an elven huntress and a giant who likes to use a minigun. There will be a five player co-op campaign too, but there aren’t many details on that.



One of the game modes revealed is called Incursion which is a 5 vs 5 mode. The game mode combines a traditional team deathmatch while NPC minions try to tip the battle in their teams favour, with that part of the gameplay taking inspiration from DOTA 2 and League of Legends. There is a skill tree that goes up to level 20, unlocking new abilities to use in a match, and this will also be a part of the co-op campaign.

Source: GameInformer



  1. Is it F2P? The MOBA market is all but wrapped up by Dota and LoL, but the 1st person aspect makes it look very interesting.

  2. I think they just ticked every box on the videogame cookie cutter wheel.

  3. Been desperate to hear what Gearbox had planned for PS4, can to wait to see more now :-)

  4. Could be interesting, but the four letters MOBA are putting me off somewhat. It needs to be properly actionbased.

  5. From left to right: Salvador, Claptrap, Lilith, Captain Scarlett and Handsome Jack

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