WeView: South Park: The Stick Of Truth

South Park: The Stick Of Truth topped last week’s WeView poll. The game, developed by Obsidian, was met with very promising reviews when it released earlier this year, so it will be interesting to hear what you have to say.

“If you try and write a WeView post about a game you know nothing about…you’re gonna have a bad time”. I’ll be honest I’ve never watched an episode of South Park (don’t judge me!). Understandably I completely overlooked The Stick Of Truth when it released. I’ve always kept to the likes of Family Guy, so my only knowledge of the show comes from internet memes.


In the Stick of Truth you play as the new kid in town, who quickly becomes involved in the battle between Humans and the Elven Army, over the stick of truth.

Dan Lee reviewed the game for TSA, scoring it an 8/10. He enjoyed the humour saying “it’s frequently hilarious, and fans won’t be disappointed in the slightest”, adding “you won’t have to be a die-hard South Park nut to enjoy it”. The Stick of Truth also offers plenty of customisation too. Although new weapons in the game “aren’t so frequent” you can “alter the appearance of you character in goodness knows how many ways”.

However, the Stick of Truth wasn’t without a few issues. There were “occasional framerate stutters” and the map was “clumsy to use”. Dan concluded:

Frame rate issues aside, I really enjoyed my time with South Park: The Stick of Truth. The game is laugh out loud funny, while managing to eliminate a lot of the boring parts that seem to come with most RPGs. Hopefully the length of the game won’t put people off, as that would be a huge pity.

Oh, and the bits of the game that were censored for Europe are possibly even funnier because of it. The text screen that appears each time is pitched perfectly.

Let us know what you though of The Stick of Truth in the comments below, and give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Also make sure to get your thoughts in by Sunday for a chance to be in Monday’s Verdict article.



  1. It’s one massive episode of South Park attached to a perfectly acceptable RPG. Which is all you could ever hope for, really.

    It really is very funny (assuming you find South Park funny) and looks just like it should (except when you go to Canada – I’ve no idea what all that was aboot, but it was fun). I particularly like how they’ve got the movement just right when you’re walking around (a slightly cheap looking animation style, really).

    The RPG elements are deceptively simple. Some of the fights can get challenging, even if the majority are fairly simple.

    And it’s got the single most hilarious trophy list ever. From the “Heisenberg” trophy (for fans of Breaking Bad, Star Trek and uncertainty) to the “Too Far” trophy (for farting on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie foetus). And the one for having shat your pants during a boss fight. Certainly adds some replay value if you want to go and get all those. (Which I should do, really)

    Add in hundreds of references anyone who’s never seen South Park won’t get (but which shouldn’t stop you enjoying it) and you’ve got a great game, apart from one problem…

    The censorship. Yes, they get bonus points for not just cutting bits out and hoping nobody noticed. And yes, the censored screens are mildly amusing. But it just shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I guess the choice was between actually getting the game released (after all the delays) and sticking to their principals and saying “Screw you guys, I’m going home”. And those replacement screens just rub it in that we don’t get the whole game. It’s not as if those bits could be any more “offensive” than the rest of the game, could they?

    Still, the verdict is obviously “Moo!”

    Which might just be alien for something.

    • Agreed with everything that is said here, Such an amazing game really enjoyed it and defiantly warrants a couple of play through’s (Although have not had time too with playing alot on the PS4)
      My verdict is “Moo Too”.

      • The overall verdict is going to end up as “Moo!”, isn’t it? We’ve broken the rating system!!

  2. Buy it from me!
    I throughly enjoyed it,despite being only an occasional viewer of the show. It was such fun to play,and looked amazing as well :-)

    • I’m only an occasional viewer too and coincidentally ordered this just yesterday. I’m looking forward to it even more now after the endorsements so far :)

      Hopefully Postie hurries so I can contribute to the ratings too!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish. If you have kids then you definitely don’t want them in the room while you play this. A definite Moo from me :P

  4. Silly framerate issues aside, this is a great turn based RPG. The visuals are spot on and the humour is just what you should expect from a proper South Park game.

    I say import it, as the European version is sensored.

  5. Great game, I bought it in the steam sale and glad I did. Also that version is uncensored :) I’m guessing it was the anal probing that got the cut haha

  6. Great game. If you like South Park then it is a must play. Buy it (Moo!).

  7. It’s currently £20 new at Game which is the cheapest I’ve seen it, including pre-owned.

    • Oh and Buy it, at full price or the bargain price I posted. Worth every penny. It’s like literally playing a feature length episode of the show and I cannot give it any higher praise than that. Great story, great humour, even the censorship is handled like a trooper. Great stuff.

  8. 100% buy it. I find hard to play as I’m usually too busy rolling round the floor laughing. I’m only occasional viewer but find this game a touch of genius. I really wouldn’t recommend it for a youngsters birthday present as it is very close to the bone humour sometimes.

  9. Buy it! One of the most fun games I have played in a long time.

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