A Movie Adaptation Of Thief Is In The Works

It appears another video game is about to get the silver screen treatment, the word is that the video game series ‘Thief’ has been given the green light in Hollywood.

My first reaction to this news was a bit puzzled as there are many other games that would likely make for better movies, but I was slightly encouraged when I found out who is involved.


Veritgo and Prime Universe are both handling the development of the film. Prime Universe is known for bringing ‘Hitman’ to the big screen, while Vertigo recently made the smash hit, The Lego Movie.  Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee are both in charge of production and while Askarieh has only a couple of projects listed on IMDB, Lee has been at the helm for a wealth of successful movies, including The Lego Movie and The Departed.

Although the most recent game release in the Thief franchise wasn’t terrible well received, the series does still sit firmly in a soft spot for a lot of gamers thanks to the marvelous first entry back in the late 90s.

Any interest in seeing Thief come to a theatre near you? If not, head to the comments and tell us which game you’re just dying to see made into a movie.

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  1. Apparently this is the next big trend in blockbuster films, following on from the success of marvel’s film adaptations in recent years, which earn a tonne of cash and for comics and games, something that is both new to the big screen yet already has an established fanbase.

    Assassin’s creed is due out August next year with Michael Fassbender as Desmond and producer. As long as it gets done properly and has adequate marketing I can see this new wave of vg adaptations doing really well.

  2. How many times have we heard that there’s going to be a movie adaptation of said film and then we don’t ever get anything?

    • Not said film
      film, said game.

  3. I enjoyed playing Thief and can definitely understand why it would make a decent film. The game’s own faults are confined to the game itself but the plot could easily work on the big screen.

  4. Games i would like to see ‘movieised’
    Killzone (Starship troopers meets District 9)
    Heavy Rain (it almost is but I’d like to see a film version)
    Half Life (would be a good TV series, and appropriately can be dropped before the 3rd series)

    • Also Elder Scrolls would make a good TV series, but would be a touch Game of Thrones.
      Maybe Fallout? I like a good post-apocalypse dystopia.

      I’d like to see Resident Evil films stop being made. I like the 1st 2 or 3 then they got really poor.

    • It’s testament to the fact that alot of the great games have fantastic story writers.

      Mass effect anyone?

  5. Nearly bought it today. It’s got plus written all over it so got Black Flag after the triumph that is Wolfenstein : The New Order.

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