Rumour: Homefront Revolution Director Resigns From Crytek

The bad news continues to pour out of Crytek this week, this time with the report of Homefront Revolution Director, Hasit Zala, stepping down from his position at Crytek UK.

It was just a few weeks ago that reports started to surface that Crytek were facing financial troubles and that employees weren’t being paid on time. Then just last week, more information began to hit the web, this time noting that some employees had stopped going to work completely due to paychecks not arriving. Although none of this information has been confirmed by Crytek, it’s been weeks since they released an official statement regarding these matters, which makes it all the more difficult not to assume their validity.


We’ll keep digging for more info but if you are part of the Crytek team and would like to help clarify these reports, please get in touch.

Source: Kotaku via Neogaf