Reports Suggest Crytek UK Staff Now Opting Not To Go To The Workfront

Last week reports started to emerge that developer Crytek, responsible for Crysis and upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, was in financial trouble, with employees telling various outlets that they were not being paid on time. However, the developer’s bosses refuted the notion in a statement saying that they denied these allegations, and the team was hard at work on bringing out the latest Homefront title.

Now new information apparently from Crytek UK staff has been sent to Kotaku, with the key point being that people are now not going into work, with many handing in formal notices. Kotaku’s source is estimating that around 100 people have walked out over the wages issue, though it is unclear whether they have all left or are doing this in protest. Other rumours suggest that Deep Silver, the publisher behind Homefront, may step in and buy out the studio themselves to keep it operational.


At the moment all of this is unverified by us but we’re trying to get information. If you are part of Crytek and would like to get in touch then please do so.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Man it seems more and more developers are falling into financial difficulties. Not nice to hear about.

  2. It’s quite a shock to see a company like Crytek floundering, especially with their celebrated game engine technology. It sounds like quite a significant acquisition for Deep Silver and hopefully as many employees as possible can be kept on if that works out.

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