Don’t Starve: Reign Of Giants Steps On To PS4 On July 23rd In Europe

Klei Entertainment has just confirmed the PS4 release date for Don’t Starve expansion Reign Of Giants, with players able to purchase the content on July 23rd in Europe, while North American audiences will be avoiding giants a day earlier on the 22nd. It’s being priced at $4.99 with PS Plus subscribers getting an additional 10% off. This DLC includes two new characters, Webber and Wigfrid, new creatures including the giants, and all four seasons of the year.

In addition to the release of Reign Of Giants a patch will be released for all owners of Don’t Starve, and these will tackle some bugs as well as add previous PC only content.

  • Added Snow Chester and Shadow Chester.
  • New in-game text strings & dialogue.
  • Option to disable Screen Shake.
  • Expanded options for World Generation.
  • New ability to save custom pre-sets in World Generation screen.
  • Random character select option when starting a new game.

Source: Klei Entertainment



  1. Sounds good, but I thought it was meant to come with 4 player co-op as well. Any news on that, or has that been stripped away for PS4 customers?

    • I was under this impression as well, but after a quick google it appears that the multiplayer coop will come in as a free download for PC players in August (so probably later for console) as Don’t Starve Together.

      I barely play this at the moment, but found my extended sessions tended to be with a mate sat with me as we worked out our way around the world. I’m really looking forward to the coop so we can carry this on!

      • Yes, I’ve done that as well, would certainly be even more fun in co-op. Fingers crossed PS4 gets it as well.

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