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Stealth games aren’t for everyone, so I’m expecting quite the divide in opinion when it comes to Thief. From the studio that brought you a prequel to Deus Ex, this reboot of the Thief series is about as stealthy a game as you can get.

You play as a master thief named Garret, who steals far too much worthless cutlery for my liking. It’s not before long that you find yourself involved in a supernatural journey taking you through a plagued and violent city, where it’s difficult to find a place where you are welcomed.

Personally I really enjoyed Thief, and I even suggested that some of the criticisms it received were harsh. Despite this I still thought the story on the whole was uninspiring, which was made worse by the “poor lip syncing and dull characters”. I also wasn’t a fan of the unintelligent AI and clunky controls.

Where Thief really stood out for me was with the open level design. Each enemy encounter had multiple offensive options. You could either slip through undetected, silently eliminate foes one by one, or completely blow your cover by firing explosive arrows. “Thief allows you to play the game how you want, and it’s this which forms arguably the most engaging part of the game”.

Thief has some of the best use of lighting I’ve seen in a game too. The Dualshock 4’s lightbar comes into great use when indicating the transition between the shadows and candle light.

Although I didn’t give Thief a definitive score, I did conclude:

Thief is a game worthy of praise. The controls may be clunky, and the story uninspiring, but the niche gameplay is immensely satisfying and rewarding. The stealth mechanics and the stealing appeal are by far the game’s best attributes, and when applied outside of the main story path Thief has something really going for it.

Well that’s all I have to say about Thief, so now it’s over to you. Simply leave your thoughts on the game in the comments below, giving the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. We’ll have the Verdict article up next Monday.



  1. I might not be in the vest position to give a full and honest opinion.
    I pre-ordered it for £14.99 (PC) and thought I was getting a bargain, except about a week after release it was £7.50 everywhere on the internet.

    I only played the first two missions.
    The game wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either (certainly nowhere near as good as it looked in the pre-release hype, but then is any game?).

    The cutscenes, lip-sync etc were terrible.
    The story (what little I saw) wasn’t exactly gripping.
    The AI wasn’t great either, on the first section I swear I could have done a goddam tapdance behind the two guards that I was supposed to sneak by and they wouldn’t have noticed me.

    That said, the mechanics of sneaking, climbing etc worked better than I expected from a first person perspective. The in-game graphics were great too.

    I think I may have been too pre-occupied with the release of Reaper of Souls to give it my full attention. It might be one to revisit at a later date perhaps.

    “Plus it” for me.

  2. Having never ever played thief game, I was looking forward to this, personally I didn’t think it was a bad game, having played dishonoured, it just felt like a downgrade copy of it but besides that.

    It’s a fun game & if I had known I would have bargain bin it rather that pay all that money on launch.

    Bargain bin it

  3. It was my first time delving into the Thief franchise and it actually sounded like I benefited from this. With no comparisons or hang-ups about the previous titles, I’ve been able to enjoy Thief with little outside influence. However, as the game progressed I could see those numbers/marks ticking down from 10/10 game to 9/10 game until it felt like a 7/10 game. Metacritic was pretty much spot on. You can see the weaknesses of the atrocious mapping (some of the worst I’ve ever seen in a game and you REALLY need to know where you’re going sometimes). Equally, the loading feels very immersion-breaking with a title like this and only compounds the mapping problem. Thankfully, and favourably, the fundamentals are still strong. It was a breeze traversing this germ-infested world, with me Larry-light-fingering every shiny item I fancied. Equally, the AI – although daft as a brush – was fun to bugger about with. Truly, hire better goons, bosses of Thief-land. :-)

    Funnily enough, I think the story was fine but it was told badly. It’s the very reason why a film of Thief might actually work.

    Sale it! I bought it on the PC for little more than £18 or so and had no problem with the entertainment value it provided. The asylum level being genuinely scary at times which is a helluva thing to do for someone who doesn’t find any sort of gaming really nerve-racking.

  4. http://www.graingergames.co.uk/games/ps4/pf13-thief
    bargain bin? £14.99 preowned
    is it worth a punt?

    • Thing is… if you’re happy selling it on afterwards you could very much get your money’s worth from it. :-) There’s fun to be had and if you’re on the fence about it. £14.99 isn’t too painful.

    • There is a Thief demo for PS4 on the store too.

  5. It started off alright, i played the first few missions and then decided to deal with the side missions before continuing the story, as i often do in other games. I chose a mission which was only a couple of metres away from me but the map frustrated my efforts to reach that place, and then frustrated my efforts to retun to whence i started. I switched it off and haven’t returned to it since.
    Bargain bin it.

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