DotA 2 Championship Available Through ESPN

Although we don’t really cover eSports in a large capacity around here, there’s no denying that they hold an immense grip on the games industry. Take DotA 2 for example, with its fourth International championship this weekend having a prize pool over $10 million.

That’s undeniably huge, almost dwarfing some traditional sports championships, and anyone who manages to compete well enough will have their lives changed forever. Of course, it won’t be easy, and these players exhibit true skill within this newfound sport.


It’s quite fitting that, with it being established as a legitimate (albeit different) sport and all, that ESPN are getting in on the coverage. It’ll all be streamed through their online ESPN3 network in partnership with Valve, available through

That’s definitely a step forward, but even more so is the fact that there will be a preview of the final match on ESPN2 – a cable television channel – featuring highlights from previous games, analysis, and even interviews with players and Valve’ Gabe Newell. It seems that eSports have really hit the big time now, I better get practising…