Play Dota 2 with a controller in newest update

dota 2 controller support

Ever wanted to play Dota 2 with a controller? In its latest update for the hugely popular MOBA, Valve has flipped a switch, allowing users to dive into matches while using their favourite gamepad.


After installing the newest Dota 2 update, you can plug in just about any Steam-compatible controller to play, including the DualShock 4 and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Valve has confirmed that every aspect of Dota 2 – from menu selection to controls for each playable hero – has been optimised for gamepads.

However, the company also stresses that this is an experimental feature so there are plenty of kinks to iron out. Still, it’s great to have the option there, even if mouse and keyboard players have a natural advantage. More details on Dota 2’s controller support can be found via the official FAQ.

It will be interesting to see whether this draws in new players. As a lapsed Dota 2, I’m more tempted to dive back, just to see how it would play using my trusty Xbox One controller.

This won’t phase Dota 2 veterans, though there’s something in this latest update for them too. There’s a new Battle Pass loaded with rewards as well as the Aghanim’s Labyrinth event mode:

Aghanim the all-powerful returns, bringing an all-new Battle Pass and event mode in tow — and this time he needs your help! Thanks to a mishap with the Continuum Device, Aghanim’s magical prowess is now spread dangerously thin amongst a gang of alter egos that have materialized on our world from elsewhere in the multiverse. Without the ability to foray into the Continuum Vault himself to fish them out and restore the balance of his power, Aghanim must rely upon four brave heroes to rescue his doppelgangers and put this entire Continuum mess to rest.

Earlier this year Dota 2 added its newest hero, Marci. This strength initiator featured as a main character in the Netflix series, Dota: Dragon Blood.

Source: Steam

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