First Look At Doom – id Software’s Return To Their Brutal FPS Franchise

“Do you want to see something cool?” That’s how Tim Willis, the Studio Director at id Software began the reveal of the new Doom at Quakecon on Thursday. He said this just after all the cameras live-streaming the event turned off, because – according to id – what came next was meant only for those in attendance.

Usually with these kinds of reveals, you hope to get a trailer with a hint or two of gameplay and maybe an idea of when it will come out. We didn’t get the latter but boy did they deliver on the former. Shortly after clarifying that the new Doom is just called “Doom” and not Doom 4, id proceeded to show two lengthy sections of pure gameplay footage, all played live on stage.


Just after a short teaser, Marty Stratton, the Executive Producer of Doom, took the stage to share id’s vision for the newest chapter of Doom. He called it an origin story, and called it, “the Doom game we think you want to play. It’s about fast paced combat, fighting against the forces of evil, amazing guns, and a world dripping with atmosphere.”


Quakecon Stage

The first gameplay demo began the same way id says the full game will, just outside a UAC research facility on Mars as the forces of hell invade. The research facility looked more like a manufacturing plant, with lava flowing across the bottom of the plant and small drones flying around. Although the level starts slow, it didn’t take long before the screen was swarming with enemies. They appeared out of almost nowhere, they quickly bounced around and teleported short distances to avoid the player’s fire, and many of them threw projectiles from a distance.

The player began with what looked to be a futuristic shotgun – which was the perfect weapon for the short corridors and small rooms the demo quickly moved through – blasting demons quickly and with ease. After enemies took some gunfire, they began to glow, signifying a possible melee kill opportunity. These finishing moves were utterly gruesome and ranged from bashing the enemy’s head on the ground, twisting their skull open by pulling at their jaw, and even ripping their heart out of their chest.

The thing most apparent from the first demo is that you’re definitely not expected to take it easy on your enemies or try to sneak around them. Stratton said Doom is, “not about taking cover, not about finding a place to hide, but fast and fluid combat.” Of course, not all enemies are just going to take a couple of shots and let you smack them around. At the very end of the first demo, a large enemy with guns mounted on his shoulders appeared, ripped the player’s arms off and beat him to death with them.

Doom Logo (new)

It looked like it was over there but Stratton appeared again on stage and offered up another section. This demo was all about bigger enemies and a variety of guns. It looked like this took place in the same facility as the first demo but it was tough to tell. The player maneuvered through a few dark halls before going out into a dark, cavernous section of the level where smaller demons appeared.

The player again started with a standard shotgun but moved on to a double-barrel shotgun a little later. He also produced an energy weapon of some kind that fired rounds quickly and seemed capable of dispatching enemies at a distance. As he cleared the open environment of foes, he moved off to a more linear area where enemies began to spawn in front of him. This time the player whipped out a chainsaw and began tearing through any foe who dare oppose him.

As the second demo wrapped up, the enemies kept getting bigger but so did the weapons. The player dealt with a swarm of quick, bulky demons by spamming RPG rockets at them, and then used a combination of the shotgun and RPG to quell an even larger enemy that looked a bit like a bloater from Left 4 Dead. Just when it appeared all was safe, the player opened a door, and a demon the size of a small building appeared. And that’s where the screen went black.

It appears as though id are aiming this game squarely at the audience that made the series so successful in the first place. When they decided to make a new Doom, Stratton said they, “started with most important part of an FPS: combat. Nothing feels quite like Doom combat. It’s fast, fluid, and brutal in everything you do.” There wasn’t anything about what was shown that appears ready to revolutionize the genre, but everything in the demo looked absolutely marvelous.

We didn’t get a release date but Stratton confirmed that it’s coming for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and while it will have competitive multiplayer, they weren’t quite ready to talk about that yet. He also noted that id has a commitment to delivering 1080p graphics and 60fps performance, and will be utilizing the new id Tech 6 engine to make this happen.

More info about Doom is sure to surface in the coming months so keep it locked here for the latest.



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