Watch Us Play Destiny Beta

Thanks for all those that came along and watched us play the Destiny beta today, and especially to TSA member BullyBurton, who popped into our fireteam out of the blue and helped give Peter and me some much needed support when we got in trouble!

In the end we streamed almost 90 minutes of gameplay, 15 of which was probably dancing. Sadly, getting the voice chat to be included in the stream itself was something we hadn’t quite got right, but you should be able to hear us chatting away after about 30 minutes – we couldn’t alter the audio levels, because there is no such option in the game.

While you’ve now missed the stream live, we did make sure to check the box to archive the footage, which you can now view below as part of the original post. 


After a rocky start, with Bungie and PSN struggling to do too many things at once last night, the Destiny beta is well under way. Of course, many of you will have had to set the download to run overnight, seeing as it weighs in at a hefty 15GB so, seeing as it’s clearly too hot to do any real work today (unless your office is air conditioned, in which case you’ve got no excuses), we’d like to invite you to come and watch us play a bit of the Destiny beta.

If you want a sneaky peak at what there is to offer in the beta ahead of playing later tonight, or if you didn’t manage to find a code yet and want to see what all the fuss is about, we’ll be streaming live from around 3PM today and taking a look at some of the co-operative gameplay on offer. Seeing as Peter and I were unable to join in the fun a frolics during the alpha test in the middle of June, this will come from two relative newcomers to the game.

So click play below, or head over to Twitch itself, to chat in the comments and watch some clueless idiots trying to save humanity, or something. I’m sure Mr. Dinklage will explain everything.



  1. I’ll be at work, anyone streaming later on this eve?

    • We’ll be sure to archive the stream, so people can watch later too.

      • Lovely stuff teffers, thanks. I can watch any stream but would prefer to watch TSA stream! :)

  2. add me on ps4 psn Randopoly

  3. stoopid marionberry :(

  4. Good fun and a nice taster of what is to come from Bungie in Sept. Pretty much Borderlands/Halo with Playstation Home dance moves and random “it is raining rock solid bad guys” events.

  5. Anyone have a extra beta code?

  6. it does look alot like Halo…
    my friend said something like this: “it looks more like Halo than Halo is looking ATM.” now I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I think that the game will have success :)

  7. does anyone have a beta code for Xbox 1? Please it would be really appreciated. Email: [email protected] or kik: damnedtogether.

    Again thanks much

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