Come Join TSA’s Destiny Clan And Share Your Spare Beta Codes

The Destiny beta is about to get under way in an hour, at 6PM in the UK, and it’s a release which is high on many people’s lists of things to play this week. With that in mind, we’ve two small initiatives to help TSA members scratch other TSA members’ backs over the coming days of gaming.

Beta Code Sharing

First up, with each beta code that was given out as part of a pre-order at participating retailers, you actually unlock three codes for your platform and region of choice – for more on redeeming your Destiny beta code, head over here. It’s a very cunning move by Bungie and Activision, to allow people to give their friends a taster of the game and help further stress test the servers. However, while many of you will have already promised your extra codes to friends and family, I’m pretty certain that there will be others who have two or more codes going spare.

As these PS4/PS3 codes are handed out on the Bungie site today, spare a thought for your fellow TSA members and consider giving your extra codes a friendly, warm and loving environment to spend its short time on this planet. Rather than saying you’ve got spare codes on Twitter or Facebook, and being bombarded with requests from total strangers, why not pop it down in the comments below or head into our forums and share your codes around?

Oh, and if you’re on the receiving end of this generosity, make sure to say thanks, so that others know that a key has been taken.

TheSixthAxis Destiny Clan

Helping to grease the wheels online, so that people can always find themselves a three-man fireteam to play in, we’ve set up a TheSixthAxis clan for the Destiny beta. It’s a fairly simple affair, with a front-facing message wall for little notes and a forum behind it, and the purpose isn’t entirely transparent to me at this time, but it should be a great way to get like-minded individuals into the game together.

So, just hop over to our clan’s page, log in with your PSN, Xbox Live, Facebook or Google account and apply to be a member. I’ll be checking in regularly to approve your requests. You can also join up via the Destiny Companion app – just bring up the menu from the top left corner and search via the magnifying glass – and I’d expect there to be similar functionality built into the game itself.

With that, it’s time to feverishly refresh the Bungie codes page and bring the servers to their knees in excitement. May all your code sharing be fruitful and your time in Destiny be full of joy and wonder. Catch you on Mars.



  1. Why the hell not.

    • Any Spare XBOX ONE codes?

    • Anybody got a ps4 code please

    • Does anyone have a EU PS4 code to share please, I would really appreciate it!

      • If anyone still has a ps4 EU code and doesnt mind sharing it please message me. My PSN is pirthmkii Cheers!

    • Anyone have a spare ps4 EU code, I would really appreaciate it!!


    • I need a XBOX 360 code. My email is [email protected]. Or my gamer tag is: xxWay2Wickedxx

  2. I’ve just requested to join. Also I’ve promised my 2 spare codes to people.

    • Thanking you for mine! Now if only I could get in the store to download it.

    • still have one?

      • Can u please send a ps4 code to me please

    • I would like one please

      • Any Spare XBOX ONE Codes?

    • If anyone got any codes for ps4 USA my username is ogz_josh message me

  3. Oh if someone would have a spare ps3 or ps4 code that would be great :?

  4. Are people all rushing to try and download it now then? Even though it’s not supposed to be there yet?

    Is that what’s going on? Everyone’s broken the PSN again? In which case, can you all just stop it? Go out and enjoy the sun.

    Actually, don’t do that. You’ll die. Probably. I think it’s hot enough for that.

    No, hang on. DO go and do that. I’m fairly sure there’s some reason dead people can’t clog up the PSN and bring it to it’s knees. Probably a clause in the terms and conditions that requires you to be living. Just in case of a zombie apocalypse.

  5. Have posted in the forum – but if anyone has a spare PS4 code lying around I’d be very grateful for it! Feel free to add me – Mr_Egregious – cheers!

  6. I will have 2 spare codes as my friends have their own so Ringten and mr egregious can have mine, what’s your psn? And I’ll send it on that :)

    • Ringten is getting one of mine but i think mr_egregious still needs one

    • Thank you!!! PSN is also “Mr_Egregious” (no quotation marks)

    • If your spare one is still free I would love one (eu PS4). My psn id is DrNate86.

      • May have a free one in a bit, but my friend found some of his codes failed so I had to give him one, and I will see if any of my friends have one in a bit.

    • My psn Id is Deparini805 I would appreciate a code if u still have any

    • CallMehStaticz is my psn please send to me code really want it

    • deejaibee.

      Send it over if you still have please!

  7. Oh are you both Europe by the way? Because my codes will only work on European region ps4s :)

  8. Mine just got bagsied but if i get any extra i’ll pop em on to here

  9. I’ll have two codes going for free in 15 minutes if anyone wants them, let me know.

    • On PS4 btw

    • And EU as well (Too many replies to myself)

      • I’d like one please, if that’s alright? :)

      • Sent to bigmac175 and matthangzhou

      • If that second free one is still available..PSN: Cyber_Krow … Please =)

    • Yes please! (PSN: Mr_Egregious)

      • Actually cancel that, am getting one from xxAlisha1995xx so will leave this for someone else! Thanks again!

    • Not sure if anyone has sent me one yet. So please do –


  10. Yep, happy to join the clan but both my spares are accounted for but will post back if either of them becomes free.

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