Harmonix Wants To Know Your Opinions About The Future Of Rock Band

It looks like Harmonix is gearing up to start work on new Rock Band content, but to help decide what the studio should focus on a survey has been released so fans can give their input.  The survey is rather short, only containing five questions focusing on how often you play Rockband, on which platform, how much DLC has been bought, and what instruments are owned. It’s the final question that looks like it will really shape the future though.



The company asks you to rank what out of the list you’d be most excited for, with the main choices focusing on a new game for last gen consoles or a new entry of the franchise on current consoles. If you’re interested in having your opinion taken into account then you can take the survey here. Just last week comments from Harmonix stated that it  was looking to bring Rock Band back at the right time.

Source: Survey Monkey



  1. Make it a digital title first and foremost (but do release a physical copy to aid sales and marketing) that works like a hub of sorts which can be expanded and improved over time.

    Think Wii Sports on Wii U. It even allows renting the game digitally if you’re just gonna play it at a party.

    • I completely forgot about the instruments… *facepalm*

      They’ll need a retail release of course… But I also think it should support the use of a normal controller as a reserve.

      Anyhoo, new gen please.

  2. I would LOVE a new Rock Band title on PS4. Make it compatible with existing DLC and songs (like the others were) and perhaps consider two styles of release, a retail release with a number of songs like Rock Band 1/2/3, and a digital release which is just an app, selling new DLC separately, like the SingStar app on PS3.

  3. I’d like a ‘Play. Create. Share’ style Rock Band title where you can create anything from custom characters to instruments and venues and share your creations online. And a studio mode where you can plug in real instruments and make your own songs and the game itself can create the song charts.

  4. I really hope the release it for PS4

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