Naughty Dog Not Writing Off Uncharted Collection For PS4, The Last Of Us 2 Being Explored

Naughty Dog is being rather chatty regarding both its current major franchises, Uncharted and The Last Of Us. First off the studio has confirmed that there will be no more single player DLC for The Last Of Us, though there are still multiplayer updates planned for the next year. The PS4 Remastered edition will have all the current DLC included, and any future content will be cross-buy.

Continuing The Last Of Us theme Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer spoke to Videogamer about a possible sequel.


“It really comes down to is there something interesting in this universe we’ve created that we want to continue to explore? Is it something that we can get the entire team passionate about? Is it something we can get the creative directors excited about and then we could continue it?

We’re just starting to explore ideas of what more could there be in this universe and starting that decision process. That doesn’t mean the end result is guaranteed.”

This doesn’t confirm that a sequel is happening, just that Naughty Dog is considering whether it would be worth expanding The Last of Us universe. Finally, Meyer also spoke to Digital Spy about how Uncharted 4 has benefited from the development of The Last Of Us Remastered, and that a collection of Nathan Drake’s adventures for PS4 could happen.

“It would be a good time for us to leverage all the attention behind it and make it look better. It would be really cool to have. Shuhei really likes the Uncharted series quite a bit, and I think it would be a great way to introduce – I wouldn’t say a new generation – but to expand the people that are bound to know Uncharted.

I don’t know if we’re able to do that, but it’s a really clever idea. It would be nice to see if we can figure that out and pull that off.”

Again this isn’t confirmation that an Uncharted collection for PS4 is in the works, but Naughty Dog isn’t totally against the idea.

Source: Videogamer/DigitalSpy/DigitalSpy



  1. Druckmann and Straley pretty much said this a few months ago. I like the mature attitude of “never say never” as something might present itself which is simply an unmissable opportunity. However, they are wonderful creators and obviously want to push in new directions too which is far more exciting to me when I think how lovely TLOU was and how well it stands on its own.

    • Agreed, I’d prefer to see new ideas.
      I can’t help thinking if I was a member of Naughty Dog and tasked with remastering the series, I’d be quite gutted and want to move forward exploring new idea’s and stories giving me something to bark about. Woof!

      • Ah, a creator’s work is never done. You’ll always see something you want to improve on and many of them will relish the chance. However, what’s interesting here is that it needs good management and then assets are improved as they see fit. It doesn’t need the stories touched so this could genuinely be an exercise in newer staff just getting their feet wet at Naughty Dog, for example.

        “Here are all of the graphics for the trees in Uncharted. Here are the textures. Update them all and also increase the polygon count to {insert number here} so things start looking better”.

        I know it appears simple but the management of the entire “update” of the game is where the difficult stuff is. The grunt work is pretty much that.

        With this in mind, I can’t help think that they could entertain the idea whilst simultaneously cracking on with other projects without shifting too many resources (read: people) around.

      • Yeah, when you put it that way.

        I’d love to work on games like these, for the last 20 years I’ve been meaning to do a 3D course of some sort. :).
        I guess I’ll continue to design & knock out web visuals & brochures forever instead, thats unless you’re listening Naughty Doggy… I did make a 3D animated spaceship in Bryce about 15 years ago. Lol

      • Ha! Same here. Love my graphic design but you can’t help but look at what they do and hanker after it a bit. Bryce! I remember that too.

        Possibly, ND don’t want to see my portfolio as of recent. It’s full of questionable things in Minecraft (like Nazi eagle statue that’s god knows how tall!).

      • I’d build a bar underneath the statue called The WunderBar!
        Are there bars in Minecraft??? If not, there should be.

  2. Basically, we’ll wait and see how many copies TLOU remastered and UC4 sell.

  3. If they port Uncharted 3 I hope they keep the 3D feature.

    Trine 2 is utterly stunning in 3D on PS4, would love to see a Naughty Dog PS4 game in 3D too!

    • I didn’t think ps4 supported 3D games? Or is this just 3D blu ray films?

  4. I’d rather see trilogy-remasters in the second half of the consoles lifecycle, similar to last gen.

  5. £100 for Uncharted 1 2 and 3 remastered editions and Uncharted 4 included and im down.

  6. Dooooo it, dooooo it!

  7. Love Uncharted but not sure if I’d want to play it again just because it is on PS4.

    • although if they brought it out as a nultipack of games with the UC4 i might have to look at pricing

      • *multipack. no idea what a nultipack is.

      • It’s a group of people from Nulti…

        Nulti is a town and parish in Cuenca Canton, Azuay Province, Ecuador. The parish covers an area of 31.3 km² and according to the 2001 Ecuadorian census it had a population total of 4,589.

  8. An Uncharted Trilogy remaster on PS4. Wow that would be epic. U3 coop arena is the game I play between all others with over 2,000 hours clocked up so far. I did a similar thing with U2 coop. A 1080p 60fps remaster would become my new home so that I can continue to kick ass as Elena with cat ears …lol The humour in the game is brilliant. It’s not over stated but it always makes you chuckle. Even when you get beat and the whole party dies a cruel death, the game still manages to give you a laugh as one of the AI in a comical voice shouts, “search the area” rubbing salt in the wound as if they ar ein control and have just cleaned you out like vermin. The game has me rolling with laughter whenever an AI causes me to run for cover with low health, because he starts laughing at you like a taunt in an attempt to humiliate you, but it just makes you want to kick his butt even more. The fun factor is right on the money in U3 coop and extremely addictive.

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