PS4 Update 1.74 Will Be Available Soon

It looks like another small update is about to make its way to PS4 owners. The official PlayStation Twitter account just stated that firmware update 1.74 will be available shortly. Just like the past three updates, it looks like it’s another round of software stability.

Maybe this update will finally take care of the video capture bug that sometimes keeps the system from accurately recording the last 5-15 minutes of gameplay.


If your system updates and you notice any changes, be sure let us know.

Source: Twitter



  1. I too hope it resolves that issue.

    I would really like to start to see some new features – mostly customisation such as themes, backgrounds, App/Game FOLDERS!!!

    • Ability to sort the neverending scrolling in the horizontal UI is a must, can’t come soon enough. It’s bloody awful

      It’s about time for some new features too; System suspend/resume, music playback, updates to the Blu-ray playback to support 3D… there seems to be quite a few things Sony showed off in PS4’s sales pitch pre-release that it can’t do yet, not to mention actual new features and post-launch improvements.

      • I concur, and not far off being a year old. I simply want folders to arrange PS+ games, purchased PSN games, and purchased Disc games which will immediately reduce my search efficiency by 2/3, and generally make it look less messy. I may even splash-out and treat myself to a folder for the Apps too.

      • You don’t have to have to hunt for things in the neverending horizontal scrolling nightmare.

        You can find all your stuff in a slightly more useable grid form in the “Library”.

        Which they conveniently place at the end of the horizontal list. Unfortunately, the muppets decided to place it at the wrong end. So it’s always a 14 minute horizontal scrolling waste of time to get there.

        The PS4 is a lovely little machine, with it’s sexy slanty sides and that nice finger print magnet on top. And it contains nice, clever things that make games all shiny. But they really need to get the UI fixed and add all those missing features.

        Are there not rumours of a bigger update coming soon? Things possibly being announced soon? We might see lots of new things sometime in the next month or two?

      • The problem with the library section is it will also show things I no longer have on my system but have downloaded in the past. Pointless

      • Yeah, the library is good but as you say MrYd it’s the far end, which means I have to pass the game I want in order to get there, only to have to locate it again. And you’re not able to customise it.

        The library is exactly the sort of thing that the PS3 needs – as djdustb points out – it shows everything you’ve every downloaded. This includes DLC (and what DLC is already installed – very useful). Therefore you can use the library to avoid having to search your previous 2,000+ items in the download list on the unreliable Store to re-download DLC etc. It will be great if you ever change hard-drive, or delete games to create HDD space, but want to re-install them and their respective DLCs again in the future.

      • Also, the library only works if you’re online. Not sure why. Reasons, maybe.

        And don’t talk to me about the download history. You can’t search that on the PS3 or the web store? And everyone’s probably got thousands of things there.

        Mostly not a problem, because you can find things in other ways and download them there instead (the buy button sensibly becomes a download button). It’s a problem if something has been removed from the store after you purchased it. Which isn’t unheard of. All very well saying you can still download it from your download history, but that might as well not be there if you have to scroll through that many things to find it.

      • I feel your pain, I have thousands of things on my download list. There was talk that PS3 would have a search function implemented but can’t see that happening at this stage in it’s life. I’m on my 2nd PS3, and 3rd HDD (due to upgrades) so I know re-downloading is a huge ball-ache when wanting to find specific items to download. There are a lot of items on my download list that have been removed from the Store (some due to licences expiring) so it does take forever to find them, which isn’t helped when it takes AGES for the items to load on-screen, and when the Store constantly crashes and kicks you!! But this is why I’m so pleased there is the Library for PS4, and the fact it indicates what’s already installed (by not having a download option), as I will definitely be upgraded my HDD at some stage.

      • Just say “Playstation- Name of Game” and the menu will rush to that game’s tile.

        Another clear indication that the camera should have been included with every PS4 instead of being cut to have a clear price difference versus the Xbox.

      • Yes, you could talk to your PS4. But you’ll feel like an idiot doing it. And get gradually more frustrated each time it fails to understand you. Which makes it more likely to not understand you each time.

        Talking to things should be reserved for people, not technology. And even then, I usually end up wondering why I bother.

    • Oh God, you just summed up want I want from the PS4 perfectly. I don’t have too much installed on my PS4 yet but I can imagine it’ll become a real balls ache in the near future… I have/had around 300 things installed on my PS3. That would’ve been a bloody nightmare if it weren’t for folders/albums!

      The PS3 desperately needs a ‘Library’, although it’s probably far too late in the day. The Store/download list is an absolute nightmare when your HDD dies and you want to redownload everything… Yes, you can add up to 100 items to your download list, but the PS3 seems limited to 20 items, the others fail and won’t re attempt until you manually go back to the store and hit ‘retry’ on every bloody item. Archaic, and incredibly frustrating!

      • And I have thousands of items to redownload… Well over 40 pages to scroll through! Nightmare. The PS4s library function is a Gods send in that regard.

  2. I like how xbone is releasing update consistently monthly, which is great support. As for playstation I feel they taking us for granted like last night the network went down & started telling me something is wrong with my update, go update again

  3. Themes? Avatars? Folders? Music? Just basic stuff my PS3 can do. Totally agree, it’s a pisstake.

  4. Being able to pause downloads would be nice as this is something I always do on Ps3.

    If Im downloading a new game I either need to cancel my other downloads or wait on all them finishing.

    • The ps4 can download at least 4 things at the same time so i never have a problem whit that, need a download speed update really bad though

      • The problem is when you’re in a situation with a small update you really want before you can play a game and 2 or 3 big downloads. It’ll go and do them all at once, at a slower speed.

        Yes, it can download them in the background, whatever you’re doing. But if you’ve got to wait for an update to play a game, and that takes ages because you can’t prioritise that update over the others, it soon gets annoying.

        It’s that fine balance between something useful but more complicated and something so simple even the most determined of idiots couldn’t go wrong. So because a few idiots could fiddle with things they shouldn’t, this is why we can’t have nice things. (Well, it works for Apple for some reason, so I can see why Sony would try it)

      • The thing is it seam to bee a download speed cap on all downloads i can have 1 or 4 active and they all download at about 15 to 20 Mbps (2 MB/s) on my 100 Mbps connection, i want to get 1 download at 50+ Mbps at least when downloading a game which don’t seem possible any ideas or is it just going to stay like that till they upgrade their network

      • Is that using WiFi? I can’t get more than about 18 or 19 Mbit/s over WiFi. But I also can’t get more than that speed from anything over WiFi. (My connection gets about 30Mbit/s, which is what a speed test from a wired PC gives me)

      • it’s a wired connection 100/10 d/u

      • That’s odd – I certainly experienced download speed throttling on the PS3, seemed capped at around 20mbps, whereas the PS4 downloads very close to my 40Mbps limit…

      • So you’re not limited by WiFi speeds, and you’re getting slower speeds than someone else, it might be your ISP. Which ISP is that? Who does 100Mbps?

  5. It’s a bit cheeky announcing another stability update when everyone is clamouring for much more.

    • Not really cheeky though is it? Unless of course you are being sarcastic. I think most people would agree a stable platform is more important than new features.

      • I think it’s the other way round, more people would rather more features then stable after or release one stable one big patch then stable the big patch

      • I haven’t noticed all the requests for more stability updates, just plenty of requests for additional or missing features.

      • Excuse me if my earlier reply was rushed and possibly.. a bit cheeky ;).
        Of course a stable system is paramount but when we’ve already had a couple of those updates and they know that everyone is waiting expectantly for news and details of the next significant firmware update – and no details are forthcoming – then going to the trouble of announcing a stability update (and just after Microsoft delivered another solid update to XB1, incl 3DBluray) seems a wee bit cheeky to me, that’s all.

  6. It would be great if they fixed the the wifi or something, my PS4 disconnects once per hour for like 2 seconds.

  7. So stable you can fit a horse in it.

  8. It is getting a bit silly now. How many guys do they have working on maintenance? One? I still have my ps3 so the missing features aren’t a huge deal for me but damn Sony, pull your finger out.

  9. It’s a joke that MS who only now are using blu-ray have 3D support seemingly way ahead of Sony who’ve been using it for years.

    Well 1.74 has been applied for the pointlessness of it :-/

  10. Has anyone noticed that you cant empty your messages folder, you have to select the message folder and delete each message individually!

    Why Sony?! this is quite annoying when you have a build up.

    Or am I missing something in the UI?

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