Disney Infinity 2.0’s Hulk Exclusive To PlayStation At Launch

Originally due to be released after the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0 later this year, The Hulk is now being bundled into a definitive collector’s edition, exclusive to PlayStation.

The huge bundle comes with everything you need to start your own Disney Infinity adventure and will include all six of The Avengers. Though we’re likely to see a similar option for Nintendo and Microsoft platforms, these collector’s editions won’t include The Hulk.


The decision was made when Sony’s Adam Boyes approached Disney Interactive, wanting to give PlayStation fans the best 2.0 experience. With two of the biggest names in entertainment rolled into one product it would make sense for a platform holder to chase such a big upcoming release.

Aside from the exclusive collector’s edition, Disney’s John Vignocchi also announced that a PlayStation 3 hardware bundle is on the way, including both the 2.0 starter pack and a 12GB console.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Weird for hulk to be exclusive, one as hes a big character to be missing (being a core mcu character) but also hes big and green which id associate with xbox :-)

    • He is timed exclusive so eventually will smash other consoles

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