Uncharted Movie Looking For The Summer Treasure Trove With June 10th 2016 Release

The Uncharted movie project has had a bit of a bad past, with one of the original ideas having Mark Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake in what would be a family heist movie, probably not unlike National Treasure. The idea was lambasted by fans of the and the director at the time, David O. Russell walked from the project after a series of gaffes, including saying the game narratives didn’t grab people emotionally.

The current director is Seth Gordon, who is known for Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses, and he is also working as executive producer on Pixels. Now he’ll have more on his plate as, according The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has opted for a June 10th 2016 release for the Uncharted movie. As of yet there still isn’t a known cast or script but hopefully wheels are in motion to get a strong crew together, and it’d be great if Naughty Dog has some sort of say in the filming.


This is what the date is, unless Seth Gordon walks from the project too or a script can’t be put together.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



  1. I just don’t think Seth Gordon can pull this off.

  2. Identity Theif… Horrible Bosses.. Why not just let M Night Shayamalan direct it and be done with it.

    • Because then it would all be about the twist where it happens that Nathan Drake is in fact Sir Francis Drake in some sort of parallel timeline that is in no way obvious throughout the entire film.

      A better choice might actually be Uwe Boll.

      • Haha yes, Nathan Drake wakes up in an asylum and is actually a ghost! Dun dun duuuun! :D

  3. I quite enjoyed Horrible Bosses. Haven’t seen anything else he did though, but I feel pretty safe believing that the Uncharted movie will not be great, purely because movies and games don’t tend to transfer well to each other.

    • There are a few examples where things have not turned out to be utterly horrible, but most game to film franchises are underdone, or just plain poor.

      My concern with this one is that the director seems very comedy focussed – Whilst Uncharted games do have a few chuckle moments along the way, I wouldn’t say that it was the main theme of the games at all.

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