Watch Us Play Destiny Beta: Part Two

Again, thanks for watching us play more of the Destiny beta today. With the game now back up and running, you should make sure to hop in and get your fill of the content before the beta runs out and you have to wait until September to play any more!

Having said that, with this second session, we seem to have run throug the remainder of the co-op missions, unless Bungie have plans to add more during the final few days of the testing period. Perhaps they’ll open up that mission on the Moon? If they do, we’ll be sure to pop back in and stream more. 

You’ve missed the live broadcast, of course, but you can still catch the archived video as part of the original post below. Thanks too, to BullyBurton for coming back in and reviving us!

Oh, sure, a lot of you have had the chance to play the Destiny beta for yourselves over the weekend – and hello to all the new Xbox players – but now that the maintenance has finished, we might as well finish what we started. When we stopped streaming on Friday afternoon, we’d finished maybe around half of the co-op content in the beta, so we’re going back in.

On top of this, while Peter’s going to continue playing as a Hunter and we’ll hopefully be joined by BullyBurton for a second time, who’s also a Hunter, I’ve switched over and created a new character (rocking an awesome new hairstyle) in the Warlock archetype. We’ll see how this plays out in the game itself, where we’ll be streaming live from around 3PM. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, as we’ll be sure to archive the footage.

If you do have time, though, click play below or hop over to Twitch and maybe chat away to us as we play.


  1. Damn, I missed this, how can I watch some of the broadcast?

    I still don’t get what’s ‘special’ about Destiny, I love shooters but this just doesn’t appeal to me right now. It may be because it’s sci-fi which I tend not to enjoy, but then I enjoyed Borderlands and this looks fairly similar.

    • I’ve just popped the archived video into the post. :)

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