3D Blu-Ray Support Coming To PlayStation 4

Sony has announced that an upcoming patch will finally allow users to watch their 3D Blu-Ray films via the PlayStation 4. The feature is set to go live as part of update 1.75, following an earlier announcement from Microsoft that 3D support will come to Xbox One next month.

Though I can’t say I’ve really missed 3D support myself, I know a number of PlayStation fans were perplexed when the feature was omitted from launch day. It may have been on the bottom end of Sony’s list of priorities: that, or the firm was keen to give PlayStation 3 owners another reasons to keep their old consoles knocking about.



  1. It makes you wonder if sony would have released this update so soon if Microsoft hadn’t announced it.

    • Exactly what i was thinking

      • Possibly holding it for part of big 2.00 release.

  2. Great news! In my opinion the PS4 needs to be able to do everything the PS3 can and ideally sport some backward compatibility. I know not everyone will agree but at launch the lack of media capabilities seemed like a step backwards, especially for a 3D TV owner who then needed another blu-ray player (but 3D). It feels like we’re getting on our way to the ultimate living room media box again.

    • I’m with you on that. I know a lot of people will say it is a games machine and they are right, but if the PS3 did it then the PS4 should have from day one. Maybe not backwards compatibility but at least all the basics.

    • Yeah I completely agree. I like the games focus, but I thought it’d be a given that the box would do what ps3 does as standard.

      I’d still love to be able to put my pictures/video/music collection on it rather than the ps3 having it all.

  3. Looking forward to this – much prefer PS4’s video player.

  4. I need whichever next gen console (can I still call them that? Been out close to a year now) I get to have 3D playback. I just don’t have enough hdmi ports to be able to have a console and a separate playback device.

    Glad both manufacturers have managed to finally sort this out. Just a few more games (that I’m actually likely to play) need to be released, then I’ll make the jump (finally)

  5. Personally, I don’t need it all.
    But, I think it’s quite a shame basic functionality such as this, which the PS3 was able to perform for years, is still not there, even over half a year after launch of the PS4.
    And even now, it looks like they only announce it because MS did. I’ve hardly ever switched on my PS4 in the last couple of months.

  6. Good. Next up, USB playback.

    • Id settle for any media playback. Not that plex isnt bad

  7. Updated: coming next week as part of 1.75 update

  8. Even I have a 3dtv and can’t be bothered to watch 3d on it. I’d rather have MP3 support or suspend/resume game above this reall. I hope they come soon.

    • suspend/resume game?

      Like Pause?

    • I tried to ‘suspend’ my game when I first got my ps4 on launch day by entering standby mode. You can imagine my disappointment :(

      • Ok, so it’s a kid of pause that persists (or is supposed to persist?) through standby?

        Pardon my ignorance, but I really don’t see the point in that. What’s the purpose?

      • @Forrest it’s great for people like me who get 20 minutes at a time and doesn’t like to wait through the laborious loading screens to finish off a level. It works great on single player games like Gaucamelee on Xbox one but not so good on Fifa as it boots you out of EA servers.

      • This is one of the reasons I love the Vita. You can pause your game, leave it for a week, unpause it and continue exactly where you left it. No loading. No waiting. It’s great.

      • @JR you hit the nail on the head I think.

    • Presumably you can only have one game at a time in suspend/resume mode (i could be wrong) but if so then it wouldn’t be a huge benefit to my eclectic play style.

      • I would assume that too. As that’s the way it works on Xbox One.

  9. Support for playing audio/video straight from USB devices would have been much more useful than 3D Blu-Rays. That’d be a feature I actually use. But maybe that’s coming soon too.

    And then maybe support for that remote I’ve got for the PS3? That should work on the PS4, surely? I suspect they’d try and sell a whole new PS4 version instead though.

    • It’s a start, eh? Can’t help but think that we’re seeing some “old” Sony here and the updates are far, FAR too infrequent. Please don’t ever make my PS3 feel like the better choice, Sony. I want to get a PS4 soon but keep putting it off.

      I appreciate they’re busy with other things but making your console look inferior (admittedly in small, specific ways) is still a bit shitty. I’ve had two friends who’ve returned their PS4s (and just kept on using their PS3s) when they realised they didn’t playback movies, MP3s, etc.

      I’m still to purchase one either. This being part of the reason. :-(

  10. Seems like they must have a whole list of features up and running which they’re holding back for a big update. They just needed to beat Microsoft with this one. Oh well, one less function for which to use my PS3.

    • Yeah it does, I was having a look for backward comparability news earlier and apparently there’s been tweets about it coming at some point, maybe for PS2 discs too. If all this is just being done to one-up Microsoft then they need to get their arses in gear to give Sony some motivation :)

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