Journey, The Unfinished Swan And Until Dawn Leaked For PS4 By Sony

Sony’s official Gamescom site detailed Journey, The Unfinished Swan and Until Dawn for PlayStation 4 and was quickly removed, but not before NeoGAF swiped a copy of the page.

The Unfinished Swan was listed for PS4 by the Korean ratings board last week and Sony Santa Monica’s creative director Nathan Gary tweeted pictures of a PS4, Journey and The Unfinished Swan over nine months ago. He later tweeted that he was “nostalgic playing the PS4 versions of the games so I busted out the PS3 to replay some other” and stated that the images were not from PS4 versions of the game.

I suspect has pants may have been smouldering when he sent that tweet.

Sony revealed Until Dawn for PS3 and Move over two years ago, you can read Teffers preview here, but since then we have had very little news. Eight months ago Amazon customers were told the game had been cancelled for PS3 but the developer insisted the game was in production but refused to confirm the platform.

In March this year Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony World Wide Studios, confirmed the game was still in development and when questioned about a move to PS4 and Project Morpheus said “I think that’s, in terms of genre, that’s a really good fit.”

If it has Move-d (aha) to Project Morpheus, that would make Until Dawn a virtual reality version of Cabin in the Woods. I suggest you start stocking up on clean underpants, perhaps you could contact Nathan Gary and find out where he gets his from, them seem rather durable.

Source: NeoGAF / Polygon



  1. Still quite excited for Until Dawn and hope we get some solid details from Gamescom. Though the Project Morpheus stuff sounds cool I think I’d be satisfied with the PS Move though, obviously, its a prime candidate for VR.

  2. Until Dawn! YES!

  3. Hopefully Journey and Unfinished Swan will be cross-buy, i.e. free to those who bought the PS3 version. Whether or no, i’ll definitely be picking up the PS4 version of Journey.

    • Yes, that would be excellent!

      Not sure why they even bother trying to keep them secret, it’s not like they’re new games or particular surprises.

      • I’m starting to think these leaks are totally deliberate, they just keep happening in such similar ways. Good news though, fingers crossed for Vita versions too.

  4. My PS3 YLODed over the weekend. Lost Journey and Unfinished Swan. I’d definitely buy them both again.
    It also looks like I’m going to have to buy The Last of Us PS4 as I was halfway through the digital copy I’d bought for the PS3.
    Shame there’s no upgrade offer.

  5. Hopeful Journey will be cross-buy as Flower and Flow both were.

    Didn’t pay Unfinished Swan;I guess it will support Move on PS4? Surely a prime candidate for the Morpheus treatment too!

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