WeView Verdict: Octodad: Dadliest Catch

If your comments were tentacles, then we’d only be able to create half an Octopus out of them. If they were arms, however, we’d be able to make two human men. Let’s be thankful that our protagonist here is definitely not an octupus and is 100% human Dad then, as we take a look at your Octodad Verdict.

Beeje13 took to the high seas and “saled it about a month after release”. Exactly what a human would be doing out at seas is a mystery to me – that’s where octopuses dwell – but we’ll go with it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Beeje set out on a boat to find the physical embodiment of Octodad, but rather that the game was purchased at a lower price in a sale.

Beeje found it “quite hard at times to control” (I think that’s the point) and highlighted some moments which provided replay value, such as “throwing a wedding ring onto your soon to be wife’s finger.” Every game should have that.

While teflon has already written a review of the game, he doesn’t know where to stop and wrote about Octodad a bit more for WeView. He said that “it’s so utterly charming” but it can also be “frustrating” and is “really at its best the first time through”. It’s good fun in co-op, though, especially with roulette mode on. I have played with Tef in this mode and can confirm that it is indeed very joyous.

DividSmythe, the legend that he is, is having a bit of a busy week in Paris, but still found time to drop off this comment: “I like it not loved. Theme tune was awesome. Handling was intentionally awful. List level was evilly hard with bad with bad controls. Sale it. Sorry in in Paris atm it’s been a very busy week for me.”

TSBonyman summed up Octodad in a nice little comment:

A charming little oddity with a groovy theme tune, the control method can be a bit exasperating at times but is also a source of humour as you clumsily carry out many of the seemingly simple tasks in the game.

So, if you like games about controlling a perfectly normal man in day-to-day situations, then Octodad might be up your street. All four votes were for Sale It, so it’s worth buying but not at the current price.

No poll today – we’ve got a special version of WeView coming up tomorrow which is bound to be quite exciting. Of course, we’re going to keep it a secret, but it’s your Destiny to come back and comment tomorrow!



  1. Subtle

  2. I predict many Octopii with long tentacles tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for the mention Peter. I’m definitely more leg-end than legend.

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