BioWare Attempts To Spark Interest In Next Game, Full Reveal At Gamescom

BioWare is starting to build up the hype for its next game which will be revealed at Gamescom, with trailers that have been released over this week. The latest one has a person in a cafe drawing a ring which shifts to footage of a blue ring of fire. As he draws an unknown number keeps calling but the guy ignores the calls, getting visibly annoyed as it rings. Then is appears he unleashes some kind of power that destroys the phone, with the ability taking him by surprise. The camera then zooms out to show a hooded figure observing the events in front of them.


This second video was released earlier this week and shows a man having a nightmare, where he runs down an alley that stretches on with the same scenery repeating. He eventually gets to a car and we see what could be the creature he is running from, a being with smoke serving as a head. The footage then cuts back to the car where a doppelgänger of the frightened man is in the car, and he stares back at himself. This time an orange ring of fire is spotted and the man’s face becomes a blinding white light.

It looks like BioWare is gearing up for something special, and we’ll know more in just a couple of weeks.

Source: You’ve Been Chosen 



  1. Reminds me of Fringe. :-D

    • Same! Loved Fringe. Especially that bit with Walter in the taxi with ‘Only You’ playing, that was freakishly powerful.

  2. They sent me the email with the you’ve been chosen trailer on it, watched it and it definitely piqued my interest. Will be keeping an eye on this, could be good.

  3. They sent me the email with the you’ve been chosen trailer on it, watched it and it not bothered in the slightest. Will not be keeping an eye on this, could be OK though.

  4. Its not their new big ip apparently, but a medium size game from a team up with a uk developer.

  5. I’m really interested now that I’ve watched both trailers. Looking forward to seeing more.

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