Fortnight Of Free Final Fantasy XIV For PC, But Not PlayStation

In a bid to tempt a few more people to join in on the MMORPG fun, Square Enix are now offering newcomers a Fantastical Fortnight of Free Final Fantasy Fourteen for PC. They don’t go quite that far with the alliteration on the sign up page, but they really should.


Again, it’s only for newcomers to the game and then only on PC right now, as the offer isn’t being extended to PlayStation gamers, but if you’ve been wondering how the game has turned out since it’s massive overhaul and rebrand as A Realm Reborn almost a year ago, then now’s as good a chance as any.

During the trial period, there will be certain restrictions, however. You can only reach up to level 20, but you’ll have a capped amount of in game currency, won’t be able to use the in-game market, trade items with other players, use a Mogletter service, hire a retainer character or use micro transactions.  It also restricts your use of “shout”, “yell” or “tell” in the game chat and you won’t be able to hop onto the forums. Of course, these are all measures put in place so that the free players don’t affect the game too much, but still give a taste of what the game has to offer.

Should you fancy a bit more of online question once the trial ends, you’ve got 90 days in which to upgrade so that you can keep your characters and progression. If you don’t, they’ll blow away into the aether, their electrons scattered on the winds as the space that they take up on the servers is wiped clean, ready for the next new character.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV, Eurogamer


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  1. i’d love to try it, but the square login system seems physically incapable of recognising my password, so fuck it.

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