Nintendo’s Indie Head Dan Adelman Departs To Start Own Venture

Every platform holder appears to want to court the independent developer’s scene, and it’s a good idea. After all it is in this area where you’ll get quite a few game ideas that may have not been backed by the bigger names. Sony appears to be the console leader in this scene, while Microsoft and Nintendo play catch up. Not to say either hasn’t done well by themselves, especially with the latter securing Stealth Inc 2 for Wii U.

However it’s been revealed that over the weekend Nintendo’s own indie chief, Dan Adelman, has left the company to pursue his own venture. You may remember that Nintendo stopped Mr Adelman from using Twitter after he criticised the company’s region locking policies. During that time he was also instructed to remain rather quiet and did very few interviews as a result. Now, as he leaves the company Mr Adelman has decided to take on the role as a business consultant for independents, where he can advise them on how to navigate that side of games development.


“I’ve given a lot of business advice to different developers over the years which I think has been helpful, but I think to do it right and really help the indie scene grow to its real potential, it needs to be a full time thing. So what I’m planning on doing is working directly with several indie game studios as their business guy – whatever that really means. In the same way that a core dev studio needs a programmer, designer, artist, and sound person, I think there’s also a need for a business person. “

This doesn’t mean that Nintendo is scaling back on indies as there is a team still at the company working on bringing those games to the consoles. What we don’t know is who will be taking the vacancy left by Adelman’s departure.

Source: Kotaku


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  1. He could go over to Sony and solidify the indie department. Why not go and find some indie developers in Japan for Sony ?

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