EA Access WIll Be Accessible Without Gold Membership On Xbox One

Last week EA announced a partnership with Microsoft that would bring subscription service EA Access to Xbox One, and now we know that subscribers will not require a Gold Live account to use the service. This information comes from an EA spokesperson who got in contact with IGN.

“When it launches, any Xbox One gamer can join EA Access and take advantage of the benefits of membership. In order to connect to multiplayer gameplay on the Xbox One platform you will need a subscription to Xbox Gold.”

Of course multiplayer will require Gold so there are no changes there, but this app marks the continued effort by Microsoft to reverse the decision for a paywall on subscription apps like Netflix which is a good thing. You won’t see EA Access on PlayStation consoles at all in the foreseeable future as Sony believes that it does not provide enough value for money for customers, which costs £19.99 a year.

Source: IGN




  1. Microsofts locked down party is slowly but surely crumbling around them.

    They tried to rip off gamers last gen, now it’s haunting them

    • Totally agree, my son swapped out his 360 for a PS3 when i refused to buy gold just so he could watch netflix. As such we have both stuck by Sony for Next gen too.

  2. so when are the “free to play” games actually going to be free on xbox?

    and i still don’t get the whole Sony say no thing with access.
    are they denying them the ability to put it on Playstation, or did ea want to console makers to run it for them?
    and only ms were willing.

    they’re a big publisher, couldn’t they put it on anyway?

    there are plenty of other publishers with titles on PS that have their own servers and subscriptions.

    maybe they just wanted to be paid for putting it on the machine, it would explain why there seems to be no pc version.
    and i guess only ms were willing to pay.

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