It Will Be All White On The Night With The New Xbox One Bundle

I have never understood the appeal of coloured consoles, surely only the fussiest of people would hold off buying a new box of video gaming goodness just because of the colour.

“Maurice, the PlayStation 4 will look hideous with our new scatter cushions, it is offensive to my eyes, we cannot have one until they release the console in fuchsia!”

That said, news reaches us via Polygon that Microsoft will launch a Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle featuring a copy of the game and white Xbox One, which will be very handy if you keep your games consoles near your fridge or washing machine. We do not have a release date or price for the console but I would expect it to be around the time the game launches at the end of October.

Previously the white Xbox One consoles were only available to employees of Microsoft but this, like the Xbox Call of Duty DLC, appears to have been a time limited exclusive.

Sony is releasing a white PlayStation 4 next month with a copy of Destiny, you will probably find next to the dishwashers in Dixons.

Source: Polygon



  1. I wasn’t even aware Dixons still existed. It appears they own Curry’s and PC World but I guess you already knew that.
    If I was going to sell a white games console, I’d place it on display next to a Storm Trooper.

  2. It looks very retro, like a cross between a Betamax recorder (Google it, kids) and a Playstation 1. It just needs a top loading cassette/disc system and the look would be complete.

    • and to be large and boxy….oh….wait….

  3. I’m all for these white consoles. I’m trading in my black PS4 for a white one next month. I know it doesn’t change how the console works but it looks awesome. The white XBO looks great too.

    • It could be argued that it does affect performance slightly, considering that white reflects heat and black absorbs. This could be the difference between your console freezing on a warm summers day or playing along happily!

      • Why would you put your console in direct sunlight though? That’s bad for any electronic device.

      • It was meant as a joke, although possibly not a great one ;)

  4. I think I’m fine with it in black. I like how it blends into the shadows when using the TV and doesn’t distract the eyes. I especially like how, when it’s dark, all I see is the light-up X-symbol.

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