Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

Back in June ShopTo listed and then deleted Sleeping Dogs HD for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and now Amazon have listed Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for release this October.

The text explains the game has been “rebuilt specifically for next-gen consoles including all the previously released DLCs valued at $85.”


There is also the option to pre-order and receive the colon-tastic Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition: Limited Edition which includes a limited edition artbook packaging which includes 28 pages of concept art that inspired the game’s visual direction and art style.

Can I Just point out that everything is limited edition, at some point the in the far future they will stop making Coca-Cola which means current cans are limited editions, it’s an annoying and pointless marketing phrase.

The original game has already appeared on PlayStation Plus and Games for Gold so the chances are you might have a copy of the game, will you be forking out £40 or so for another copy?

Now go away, it’s time for Bake Off! Woohoo!

Source: Amazon  via Dualshockers



  1. I loved this 1st time round. And God knows I could do with a pork bun. If it was released this month I would buy it, but I wouldn’t play it in October too many new games to play.


  2. Nope, not for me. I know there’s a lot of love on here for this game but I found it hugely tedious. I played through it to completion when it was on plus but by the end I was glad it was over.

    • Tedious is very fair, I loved it but it didn’t really have massive depth. I don’t think it’s deserving of a new gen rehash, it’s good but I think it’s bringing down the tone a but when it comes to the whole range of remasters.

  3. This was enjoyable on PS3 but I think it’s just going a step too far porting it to PS4/XBOXONE. Most people that would want to play it have probably played it on last-gen as well so I’m not so sure that this will actually sell all that well.

  4. I wonder what they mean by “rebuilt”, higher settings a’la PC or new graphical features and touch-ups like Tomb Raider?

    I’d be interested in double dipping at some point, but maybe not day one.

  5. Really enjoyed the original, probably won’t get it again though. Cool for those that missed it I guess and I wouldn’t mind if it came on plus.

  6. Enjoyed the PS3 version, but this remastered version really shouldn’t exist. Stop dicking about with these re-releases and make new games!!!!

    • Completely agree. There seems to be far too many ‘updates’ to old games coming out for next gen.

  7. I really enjoyed this on the PS3 but I wouldn’t buy it again on PS4. It’s not exactly a ‘must play’ game. Especially a second time. I would have preferred sequel to be honest.

    • Oh, there’s a sequel coming. This is just to help fund it and build its fanbase.

      These remasters have no effect on new games, they’re just stuff to play while we wait. Publishers throw them out for a quick cashgrab when they don’t have much else to earn from.

    • Totally. I would love to have a crack at a sequel but ive had enough of second rate games getting a spit shine

  8. I have no interest in Sleeping dogs remake as I got bored half way through my Ps+ freebie. So I’m out.

  9. I loved sleeping dogs but no way will I fork out for a ps4 copy there is just no point plus the fact that this year I am fricking skint!

    So who is gonna win bake off this year? I think maybe that builder bloke has a chance at it his swiss role looked perfect! :)

  10. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!
    Enough of the definitive versions now please its becoming tedious.
    Its a lazy fast buck for devs
    Go do some proper work.
    What next ?
    Pong the definitive, uber,maxed out day one edition with special dlc including another ball and an extra line,audio CD of the game and vinyl figurines

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