Watch The Utterly Pointless Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Trailer Here.

A live action trailer has its place, it can build hype and explain a plot in more detail than a trailer made from game play.

However, when the trailer is for a title making the transition from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, all we care about are they touted “1080p resolution, tuned gameplay along with audio and visual upgrades.”

Many gamers will have played Sleeping Dogs thanks to it’s inclusion in Games for Gold and PlayStation Plus and many others will have seen trailers and reviews for the original game. We want to see the new stuff, the extra shiny, the enhancements, the upgrades, the reasons why we should buy the game again. 

This trailer shows you none of the improvements, it is 100% live action and therefore completely unfit for purpose, you might as well watch Peppa Pig instead.

Source: YouTube



  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Peppa Pig..
    it gives me nightmares,the hairs on daddy pigs chin,yup they really bother me?
    as for sleeping dogs,probably left well alone.
    did it warrant a reamake,probably not.
    just a shi**y rip off of gta in an Oriental style.

    • Ey! I really liked Sleeping Dogs! It controlled a lot better than GTA IV, and you could mow down pedestrians with your cars door. That feature alone made it a worthy contender for GOTY.

      But I do agree nobody asked for this remaster.

  2. Pointless yes, but just wait and see how many people eat these things up.
    I’d like to see how much did the game improve visually.

    They should really work on delivering this game as fast as possible because if you think about it, there is no GTA on the new generation of consoles. If they could make this game be the first GTA-like game on PS4 and X1 people would buy it, like hot cookies.

  3. Loved this game but not sure if I want to buy it and play it on the PS4. Where are all the Next Gen games we were promised instead of rehashing old games just to make them look shiny….

  4. Pointless trailer for a pointless rehash.

    Its nice to see I’m not the only one dismayed by this remastered generation.

  5. At first i was a bit annoyed at all the HD remasters, then i realised they simply aren’t aimed at me. I felt i was missing nothing when i replayed TLoU on PS3 last week and when i feel like playing the game in another twelve months time the HD remaster will be a delicious bargain.
    And it’s not like next-gen games are being delayed because of the remasters. Next-gen games are just taking longer to develop and as remasters require a much smaller team, and less time and resources, it’s easy for a large studio to devote a small team to that while the main team beavers away at their next-gen project.
    Of course the wait for the big games is still annoying but pretty soon i know it’s going to be the case where i probably won’t be able to afford all the new games i’ll want to play.. :/

    Sleeping Dogs is a surprise but not one i’m really interested in. Those cats were fast as lightning.

  6. I’m disappointed too. Can’t see where the 1080p features in the Peppa Pig remastered next gen version. I wanna see Mr Dinosaur in HD and hear Grampy Rabbits booming Brian Blessed foghorn in super-sound. Still yet to play Sleeping Dogs on ps plus virtual pile of shame.

  7. Like someone else said, if they hurry, it will sell lots.
    Not for me though. Not played my free PS+ copy yet.

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