#KILLALLZOMBIES In The PS4 Title Where The Audience Can Affect The Gameplay

Beatshapers has announced PS4 first title #KillAllZombies where players have to face waves of the undead in a future where such an event is televised entertainment. Not just any type of televised show but one where the audience can directly have an impact on what happens to the contestant. Using the PS4’s streaming capability players will be able to broadcast their show over Twitch, while those who watch can type in commands that can help or hinder the player.


There will be a variety of chat commands like being able to change the make up of the arena, introducing more enemies, changing the camera angle, and being able to kill all zombies. Around every 80 seconds there is voting option to choose what happens next, and in the perk selection screens the player can decide choose their or wait for the spectators to choose. While interaction does expand the gameplay experience it will be entirely optional, so if you don’t want Twitch playing with your game you don’t have too.

Source: Press Release



  1. Not really exclusive but PlayStation first!

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