Bring The Music To The Big Screen As BigFest Confirmed For PS4 & PS3

Last year BigFest was revealed at Gamescom for PS Vita, which turned out to be a free to play music festival management sim game. The idea behind BigFest is to create an attractive music festival in which the artists are actually real people, but yet unsigned. In the game you can choose which of these musicians you want to help promote, and where on the billing they’ll appear from warm up to main headliner. Now that same game will be on PS3 and PS4, with the latter being in 1080p and 60fps.

You’ll be able to customise the look of the festival, and build various utilities. It reminds me of games like Theme Park though I assume there will be a lot less roller coasters that end abruptly. In the game you’ll be able to visit other players festivals to see what line up they’ve gone with too. The developers are working on allowing players to upload their own music too, so you may end up headlining a festival yourself.

It’s quite a neat idea and one I look forward to, because finding new bands to listen to is something I enjoy doing anyway.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Bring music to the PS4

  2. I did wonder what happened to this. I thought they dumped this. Sounds quite fun though I just hope it’s executed correctly.

  3. With crossplay hopefully….

  4. Really looking forward to this, seems right up my street!

    Annoyingly, and really oddly, people seem to be upset that it’s coming to PS4….””Sony Liiieeed, they betrayed us, I may aswell through away my Vita noooww, arrrgh”. Cool it.

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