Help Alf Escape In Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty DLC Which Launches August 20th

Oddworld Inhabitants has announced the release date for the Alf’s Escape DLC, and it will be available to download for those who have Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on August 19th in North America, and the 20th in the UK, Europe and Australia for PS4. Alf’s Escape expands the story of the main game by adding an entirely new area to the Rupture Farms factory, adding more challenges to face in a bid to save the Mudokons.

If you live in the US or Canada and pre-ordered New ‘n’ Tasty then this DLC will be free to download. Meanwhile those who reside in the UK, Europe or Australia, and have a PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to get Alf’s Escape for free, though this offer only lasts for two weeks after launch. The standalone price for the DLC won’t be announced until next week.

Source: Oddworld Inhabitants


  1. And still no word when released on ps3.

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