Housemarque’s New Game Is Alienation, Exclusive To PS4

We had a feeling Housemarque would show up at Sony’s Gamescom conference today after the teaser they released last week, and that’s exactly what happened. They arrived with a brand new game in hand, Alienation, which can be seen below.


The game looks to be a twin-stick shooter, similar in control to Dead Nation, but this time you’ll be fighting aliens rather than zombies. The trailer begins with a soldier dying a terrible death after his helmet is damaged, but it quickly moves on to a mixture of gameplay footage. There also appears to be more than one player in some of the scenes, so we’re assuming that means co-op is available as well. Check it out and let us know what you think.



  1. Looks amazing, this team always makes brilliant games.

  2. Looks pretty but it looks like there’s just too much going on at once for me to cope with!

  3. I’m in :-)

  4. Looks similar to Dead Nation which was good, to a point.
    I expect this will be fun and is already visually impressive.

  5. Dead Nation meets Resogun…. Wrap it up. Sony wins.

  6. I would never have played Dead Nation if it wasn’t for TSA’s PS+ comp but I really enjoyed it, this looks tons better.

  7. Maybe they will sell 10 million copies. One for each PS4.

  8. It looks like Dead Nation evolved with Resogun’s subtle art style. :)

  9. Sold! Whats the release date?

    • Yeah, and I’d say the only disappointing thing of all these new game announcements is the lack of release dates…for any of them!

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