PS4 Firmware 2.0 Announced At Gamescom

PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 was just announced at Sony’s Gamescom conference, and they detailed a few of the features we’ll see when it launches.

First up was a new friend finder, which allows you to not only find friends more easily, but there’s also now a recommended friends section, bringing the PSN on PS4 even closer to a true social network.

Next up was the direct upload to YouTube feature, which Sony confirmed will be a part of firmware 2.0


Finally, there’s something Sony is calling ‘share play’, which is what they describe as a “virtual passing of the controller” using streaming technology that allows your friends on PlayStation Plus to jump in and take over a game you’re playing, or play with you via co-op, even if they don’t have the game you’re playing. We didn’t get a ton of details on this and the stream was going through a rough patch during this time, but there are bound to be restrictions on how often and how long your friends can play with you via co-op on games they don’t own.

We didn’t get a release date for firmware 2.0 but Sony hasn’t traditionally made a habit of announcing updates too long before they launch them, so it’s probably a safe bet that will be out sooner rather than later.

We’re sure to hear more about firmware 2.0 this week at Gamescom, so keep it locked here for more info as it becomes available.



  1. Media remote control is all I care about. Watching films using a controller sucks balls.

    Sony have totally nailed the ps4 for gaming. It’s now time to concentrate on the bits that fell by the wayside on the road to launch.

    • media remote?

      I can use my lg tv wand to control the ps4 when watching Netflix/now tv/Blu rays

      • Only works using very basic HDMI-CEC setups, anything outside very basic, and it’s not going to fly.

  2. Sounds good but still no suspend/resume and mp3 playback so not too much for me.

    • Suspend and resume works fine for me. I can suspend playing a game, go watch a movie and then come back to the game instantly, without any load times.

      • He means to suspend a game while putting the PS4 into standby, overnight for example, then carrying on when you turn it back on, like you can on the Vita.

      • Correct MikLSP that’s exactly what I want.

      • Me too, it’s one of the features Sony shouted about at the February reveal.

      • It is really bad that well over a year since that feature was shown we still don’t have it.

  3. and MP3 support as well i hope. ^_^

  4. “Share Play” Sounds pretty good. I imagine its using some of the Playstation Now framework to work. looking forward to trying it out.

  5. Love these. Especially jumping into games!!!

  6. Not impressed with these features. People have been waiting months for the basics they miss from the PS3. I know I’d like to use the official remote, store games in folders and have DLNA support. They only threw in 3D support because of the Xbone otherwise we’d still be waiting for that as well.

    • How do you know xbox one 3d support was the trigger for ps4 support? Do you know how long this takes to develop and test?

  7. Nothing for me there. Folders is my biggest want . Sick of the big side scrolling list. Just keeps growing and look untidy.

  8. These features must have been in the pipeline quite a while, so I reckon the next major update after this will basically be a community feedback update, with stuff like DLNA and folder sorting. Though it’ll be interesting what else is shoe-horned into 2.0 in or to compete with the Xbox One updates, hmmmm…

  9. Maybe we can get SingStar back on the menu since it is coming out for PS4!

  10. It’s always worth looking backwards before committing an opinion on the web, at the same stage in it’s life, the PS3 firmware was a lot less functional than the PS4 is now. The bits we want/need will come, have a little patience ;)

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