Sony Confirms That 10 Million PS4s Have Been Sold To Consumers

Sony has begun its gamescom conference by announcing that 10 million consoles have been sold worldwide. That isn’t 10 million to retail outlets, but right through to consumers. It’s a huge milestone that has been reached in 9 months, a testament to how well Sony has managed to market the console across the board.

In comparison the last figures we knew for Microsoft’s Xbox One is 7 million sold to retailiers, though that information is a couple of months old. We may hear news from the company soon stating how many consoles it has sold over the past nine months.

Source: Gamescom



  1. That is impressive, I’m going to guess ms haven’t sold 10 million xbones as yet or they would have announced it. It would be interesting to know how many ms have shifted though as they are starting to look the better offering.

    • 10m? MS haven’t sold 5 million.

      • We all know that, but it’s easy to fudge the numbers by fill retail stores with unsold stock. It’s called channel stuffing, and Microsoft are kings of it.

        Just before they close their quarterly financials, they ship lots of stock, regardless of weather the chain can support it. They then let the retail unsold stock “soak” away over the course of the next quarter(s). It’s why they always used to shout from the roottops about Xmas 360 sales figures and end of year closing financials, yet never hear anything for the “quiet” months.

        The problem is, this tactic only works if your product is selling. The Xbox One isn’t selling, you can only stuff so far.

  2. Wow that’s impressive, must be the fastest console to reach 10 million. Xbox sales aren’t too bad either, I thought they were actually further behind than that.

  3. Are MS going to come last three generations in a row? I can see them bailing from video games in five or six years – probably through a sale of the XBox brand.

    • End of this gen, or sooner.

      All Microsoft business sectors are in trouble, and shareholders won’t take much more.

      • MS q2 profits = 4.61 BILLION
        Sony q2 profits = 148 million

        Yep they’re really in trouble, as much as you hate Microsoft, you’re talking out your rear end mate!

      • Sony has been shedding many of it’s non-profit sectors. Microsoft is still heavily loaded with crap products. The vast majority of it’s income is from the slowly dying PC sector, they don’t have fallback plans, Windows Phone is dead, Surface Tablets too, Xbox One ditto, Windows 8 is universally detested, Nobody buys Office software anymore, there are plenty free alternatives.

        See Microsoft’s problem? Shareholders will be insisting it’s time to focus on what’s important, before the tide comes in and washes the castle of sand away,

      • But the xbox division always runs at a loss. Microsoft future is in the cloud, and I mean that in a good way.

      • Sorry Blighty your logic is different to our earth logic. Over 4 BILLION in 3 months. That’s not a company in trouble. Remember Sony went 5 years without making a profit until recently, you should be more concerned about them!

      • Sony have done whats needed. Microsoft are still living on times gone by..

        Have alook at their revenue streams in detail, and its a very worrying picture. I would hate to be a shareholder right now.

        Statements like Microsofts future is in the cloud are even more reasons that Xbox might get the chop or sold on. $2bn in losses every year from xbox is something shareholders wont put up with. These losses have been cleverly hidden (by android patent income, buts thats about to dry up very soon, most are very questionable)

      • You’re wrong about Microsoft in a couple of places, Blighty. I’m no lover of some of their tactics but their business companies and software continue to grow. Not just that but they earn a fortune from the licenses of Office and Office 365 has been gathering impressive pace.

        Don’t let things blinker you. They’re doing well. However, they’re hovering around 6 million (or less) to consumers, I reckon. I’ve not found a site that’s reported 7 million for them. Wish they’d let us all know. :-\

      • Ok Blighty Microsoft are clearly doomed, I was just put off seeing it by the billions of profit they’re making! Give it up mate!

    • I thought they won the last one? Games always sold more on 360 and console sales were pretty much the same.

      • No they were last by about 3m when the current gen consoles arrived, and it’s slipped further since then, as PS3 has continued to sell very well.

      • PS3 has sold about couple of million more – and that is without counting retail-replaced RRoDs which, if the analysts are right (because MS has always refused to comment) number at least two million. So the gap could be over four million.

      • Lets call it a draw then!

      • Its not a draw at all. Microsoft rushed the xbox360 out 14 months before the PS3 and then spend 5 years clearing up the RROD mess…

      • I had to buy a new ps3 because of ylod. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows for Sony.

      • Whatever you think it can’t be denied the 360 was a huge success for them. Whatever they certainly won’t be last this gen anyway. Nintendo have already got the bronze trophy in the cabinet.

  4. That is a great number. Hope they carry on with those kinds of numbers.

  5. Impressive. I was surprised when Sony said this at the start of the conference.

    • Give it a week and XBox fans will start insisting it’s really shipped to retailers again.

  6. Now if Sony would just drop the price of the PS4 to £300 leading up to christmas, MS will be even more screwed than they are now.

    • More likely to introduce a 1TB at the same price point I think.

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