Watch Microsoft’s Gamescom Conference Live Here

Ah, Gamescom. It’s not quite E3 – particularly when it comes to the announcements, but it should be interesting to see some European-facing news from Microsoft, Sony and EA, as well as letting people in Germany go hands-on with upcoming releases.

First up is Microsoft, and the stream kicks off at 1PM. Expect to see some new announcements and updates of games which were announced at E3 during the show. It’s being streamed over on Twitch (let’s hope they don’t use any licensed music), and we’ve embedded the live video below for your viewing pleasure.



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  1. Count me in. Got this running in the background and will ALT TAB back to it when I hear something that piques my interest. Cheers, TSA. :-)

    Thankfully, live streams don’t get the same restrictions with licensed music as non-live material, etc.

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