P.T. Was A Codename For New Silent Hill Game From Hideo Kojima & Guillermo Del Toro

So earlier today a title called P.T was announced during Sony’s gamescom conference, and a playable teaser went up on PS4 during the event. P.T. literally stood for playable teaser, and people who completed the demo were treated to a trailer for a more established title from some well established talent. It turns out that what people played through was in fact a small portion of a new Silent Hill game.


And that’s not all. This new Silent Hill is being directed by two of the biggest names in gaming and Hollywood, Hideo Kojima & Guillermo Del Toro. That wasn’t the only surprise of the teaser as Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead fame, has been cast in the game with his likeness appearing at the end. The studio that allegedly created this was 7780s Studio, a developer that no one knew of, and it’s likely one that was made up by the directing pair to really blindside us with the news.

Well played, gentlemen. You can watch the trailer from 1:16 here.

Source: Polygon/Twitch



  1. Sorry, but this kinda has to be said:

    Anything past Silent Hill 3 has been Silent Hill in name only.

    Once Team Silent were no-more all we started seeing were games that started out as stand-alone projects being turned into a ‘Silent Hill’ game as marketing though they’d do better with the name attached or just games that no-one really knew how to re-capture the lightning in the bottle the 1st 3 games were.

    The Room (which i had on Xbox) was a stand-alone game to start with, ditto SH:SM (which i did enjoy, bought on PSP and PS2).Edge did a superb feature on a few months back, all detailed there.

    As for Silent Hill:Homecoming, sure they used SFX from the film, Playboy models for the Nurses, but it lacked anything really original to call it’s own

    Downpour mate lent me (it was still sealed, even he lacked urge to play it) i switched off after a few hours.

    Origins was a brave attempt at a prequel, again i bought 2 versions of, but Climax sadly were not Team silent.

    Not tried the PS Vita game nor the coin-op (soon as i heard they’d turned Silent Hill into a coin-op, i knew things had passed point of no return).

    You can throw as many big names at it, give it a huge budget, but unless you truely understand what made the 1st 2 games at least, so special (not so keen on the 3rd, giving you automatic weapons etc was a mistake in my eyes), your onto a hiding for nothing.

    Silent Hill, like Resident Evil, has fallen so far from grace since the series i fell in love with, all those years ago, i honestly cannot see it recovering.

    • Did you not read who is directing & making the game? The greatest game maker to ever bless our consoles & the greatest director to do creepy pan labyrinth.

      This is going be the mother of all silent hill

    • Absolutely agreed, Von Braun. Having been a massive fan of the games since pre day one, the demo disc that came with Metal Gear Solid, I approach each Silent Hill game with a little bit of doubt and the expectation of disappointment. SH3 was the last game of the series in my eyes, later games being crowbarred in spin offs and the like.
      I’ve got all the games, even the Book of Shadows game for Vita which is so far from a Silent Hill game, it’s not even funny..Downpour providing a few tense moments but nothing particularly memorable and Homecoming being absolute guff..a horrid, cheap cash-in of a game. This new one fills me with great promise though and it’s got a lot to live up to with the great horror games we’ve seen lately, indie and otherwise.
      It’s not Team Silent unfortunately but at with Kojima being involved it’ll have a certain level of quality. Also the Japanese are pretty good at f*cked up horror!

  2. Well aware who’s making the game, but one of them (Hideo) has a very patchy track record:

    MGS i loved.MGS II-Utter pants, plot wise, stunning showcase for PS2 mind, both Z.O.E’s not bad, but not groundbreaking, MGS3:Utter genius, MGS;Peace Walker-my most played game in years.MGS 4:All fur coat and no knickers (ie can you let me play now please? ohh sorry heres cut-scene with cut scene featuring cut-scene etc etc).

    Names alone mean nothing.They either totally understand the concepts behind Silent Hill and deliver the game people like myself have been waiting for, or you’ve latest fail in the series.

    Far too early to tell what they’ve in mind for the game.

    Does’nt matter what actors etc they put in either, if the atmosphere etc is’nt there? it’s just padding.

  3. As for Del Toro:Can only comment on works of his i’ve watched/read:

    Devils Backbone, Hellboy and Pans-All superb.

    Hellboy II-could’nt fault the visuals, the sets etc, but as a film, very dissapointing.

    Pacific Rim? well you cannot go wrong with big Robots can you?

    Also read 1st 2 Strain Novels, not bad.

    Films are a very different medium to games for myself though.

    I’d feel better if news was:Team Silent to reform, working WITH Del Toro and Hideo, rather than these 2 alone having a crack at it.

  4. I need to finish playing it then.

    Del Toro can do wonderfully creepy things, with some seriously messed up weird shit in.

    And then take Pacific Rim as either a reason to be confident in this working out great and possibly not so great. At the same time.

    Pacific Rim was a 50 year old film made with today’s technology and money. Cheesy speech before a big fight, comedy scientists, giant robots and monsters smashing stuff up. Looks great, it’s lots of fun, and it shows up all the flaws in those old films. Personally, I love that he didn’t try and do something more modern. He obviously loves those old films and wanted to make what he remembers the teenage version of himself thinking they were like.

    Anyone wanting something like the original Silent Hill game had better not complain if he delivers exactly that.

    Of course, Hideo Kojima is involved, so there’ll be some tedious shuffling about in boxes too. Possibly mildly offensive tedious shuffling about in boxes with bikini ladies on. Really, that MGS5 video yesterday was just embarassing for everyone.

    Oh no. I’m all conflicted about this game now.

  5. :-)

    Just to add a tad more….

    Like Resident Evil, i firmly believe Silent Hill was in need of a reboot by time it’d reached number 4 being annouced (The Room), but just taking existing WIP games, changing name and ‘adapting’ them to suit the SH mould was’nt the answer.Nor was trying to mimic what Team Silent had done, just use real Playboy models, throw in fancy special effects from the film.

    If you look at Silent Hill on PSone, the fogging was due to the hardware’s limitations, yet made for such an atmospheric effect, Team Silent kept it for Playstation 2 Silent Hill, just used the increased power to make the fog more realistic and add a further layer to the atmosphere of the game.

    My ‘concern’ here now is Konami are simply unsure just what to do with the franchise, who best to give it to, so each game becomes latest bold experiment, throwing money, names at any project does’nt mean you’ve the next groundbreaking installment or stand alone project on your hands, but to be fair unless your willing to take risks, your only going to see a series stagnate, so bit of a Catch-22 situation.

    Because people associate Silent Hill with the more iconic features:Fog, nurses, Pyramid Head etc etc, they ‘have’ to be in there.

    Someone where someone has forgotten the basics-Silent Hill draws to it, your average Joe (could be you or i or some family member, someone we work with etc) with some f**ked up sh*t going on in their heads etc due to past/present events.They were’nt special tactics police or ex-combat vets, just everyday people, where the spirtworld tormented with physical manifestations etc, basically their nightmares made flesh.

    Now we see Gulf War Vets, convicts etc etc, almost as developers trying too hard to push boundaries etc.

    If Hideo is involved are we going to have to stomach undue amount of cuutscenes? stealth sections? (gulp) i love majority of his stuff, but he’s NO story teller.

    Del Toro? makes fantastic films, visually superb, as does Hideo with his games, so i’ve no concerns game will look fantastic, but films, books etc a very different medium to games, so Del toro will face challenges a plenty.

    As i say had they annouced a degree of involvement, even as advisor type role from 1 or more members of the orig team behind the 1st 3 games, i’d have a lot more faith.

    Hopefully Hideo and Del Toro will prove me wrong, this will be the reboot i and others have longed for.

    Far too early to tell just yet.

    People can break down teaser trailer to the 9th degree, but that’s all it is, a teaser trailer.Teaser for The Room was fantastic, real David Lynch feel to it, my hopes were high, actual game was a dog, sadly….

    • I’ve read all your comments and personally I understand your scepticism, but at the same time I disagree with you a lot.

      One thing is that Hideo Kojima is, in my opinion, a GREAT story teller. Think to that scene in MGS4 with the giant microwave. His games have brought me close to tears many times and the underlying morals in the games are fantastic.

      I understand the worry about having loads of long cutscenes though. Personally I don’t think Hideo will do that. I’m fairly confident that he gets Silent Hill. He’s said before that it would be one of his dream projects and that leads me to think that he understands the game and realises what it needs. It also makes me thing that he’s dedicated.

      I also disagree about Silent Hill 4 being bad. Personally I think that all Silent Hill games with the exception of Homecoming are at least decent. Admittedly I’ve never played Downpour, but I’ve heard it’s okay. I think Silent Hill 4 and Shattered Memories are great games, Shattered Memories especially. I think that Book of Memories is good, although admittedly not a Silent Hill game at all. Origins tried a couple of interesting things and didn’t turn out that bad in the end.

      But none of these games were made by Team Silent and are therefore not seen as Silent Hill games. I get that, that’s fair enough. However, Hideo’s involvement in this fills me with cautious optimism. The Playable Teaser is one of the scariest, possibly even the scariest thing I’ve ever played. I really think that Hideo working on one of his “dream projects” can only lead to good things. At the end of the day, He writes fantastic stories and while he may overflow his Metal Gear Solid games (every single on of which I absolutely love), with cutscenes, I don’t think he’ll do that here, because he knows that’s not what Silent Hill’s about. Every MGS game had an excellent, if not somewhat convoluted, story in my opinion and the story is presented beautifully when not in the middle of an hour long cutscene.

      The point of this is that I’m saying we need to have more faith. You say that no matter what names you throw at it, that doesn’t mean it’ll be good and I agree, but for me, the fact that Hideo Kojima is working on the game fills me with a LOT of confidence because I absolutely love his work beyond words. Even if this game ends up being a bad Silent Hill game, I definitely have faith that it’ll be a good game in itself.

  6. Potentially…this could be absolutely ground breaking!!!

    I’m in! I’m scared. But I’m in :-/

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