You Won’t Have To Wait Until Dawn For Gameplay Of The Horror Title

In the week leading up to Gamescom Sony released some teasers that pointed towards a re-announcement of Until Dawn, which was originally supposed to be coming to PS3, and last night there was confirmation the game had been rebuilt for the PS4. It’s coming exclusively to the platform and will feature a third person perspective instead of the original first person that was coming in for the PS3 version.


Now you can glimpse the first bit of gameplay, which starts about a minute into the game. It shows two characters in a rather dark building that appears to be the base of the killer. The characters explore the location coming across some bloodied tools, and pictures of themselves pinned to the wall. There is a moment near the end of the brief demo where a choice has to be made on what to do next, and really both look like they’ll lead you to trouble anyway.

Source: Youtube



  1. Those bleeps were really loud :D And loooong! :)

  2. The animations on the characters looked awful.

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