Until Dawn’s Story Has Thousands Of Branches, Leading To Hundreds Of Ending Variations

Until Dawn was re-announced at Sony’s Gamescom conference, confirming that the game had been rebuilt solely for the PS4. The story follows eight friends who decide to take a holiday to a quiet place in the mountains, surrounded by snow, trees, and a killer set on turning the slopes red with blood. Now Supermassive Games has announced that every action, no matter how big or small will have an impact on the game’s ending.


There are big choices that will have obvious changes on the story, and these are the butterfly effects. When these choices are being made a butterfly symbol will appear  to signify that future events have been affected in a major way. This has resulted in Until Dawn having many variations that can lead to hundreds of endings, depending on everything from whether you picked up a pair of scissiors to who did not manage to escape the killer.

Source: DigitalSpy



  1. Can’t wait to experience this game.

  2. Call me pessemistic but I’ve heard that many times before. I truly hope they can pull it off but the whole “every action has significant impact” claim has been made time and time again and has never had more than a moderate impact and is usually presented in the form of a different cutscene or three at the very end. Some have done it better than others but I remain sceptical until they prove me wrong (which i sincerely hop they do because the game looks like it could be fun).

  3. Hundreds? So that’s at least two hundred endings.. That’s going to have one hell of a trophy list to complete! ;)

  4. Played it at gamescom, it looks great and has a great atmosphere.

  5. Fingers crossed that they deliver what they are claiming.
    Looks really good. Will be brilliant if they can deliver.

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