Feast Your Eyes On Six Minutes Of Bloodborne Gameplay

Bloodborne looks like it will be one for the crowd that enjoyed the Souls games, and the footage of the gameplay trailer from Gamescom really does give that feeling. In the demo our hero wanders around  Yharnam, the cursed city setting of the game, where various terrors confront him in battle. There’s what appears to be a giant hunchback who is knocking very hard on a door, but that pales in comparison to the weird demon thing that appears after the five minute mark.


The footage shows what a dark and gloomy place  Yharnam is, but even with the lack of a large colour palette Bloodborne is looking very good indeed. The city’s architecture really gives the game a foreboding look, and the enemy designs do manage to give off some dread. I can imagine when facing a few of those in the game that you may consider retreating as an option. We won’t really know how good of a job From Software has done until the release in 2015 though.

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  1. This one had completely slipped under my radar until Gamescom. I do like the look of what I’ve seen so far. Although I was under the impression the Dark Souls games were ultra hard RPG games? This looks more like a God of War/Dante’s Inferno affair?

    • It’s not meant to be dark souls or as hard as soul’s, they trying to appeal to a broader audience. I hate soul’s game due to how it punishes you as for this it’s a bit more forgiving which will encourage more people.

      I remember playing demon’s soul & died so many times (more than God of war challenge of the Gods) I gave up & traded it

      • Keep in mind that if this is footage from the Gamescom demo, then difficulty was made easier so people would get through it. The final game will be tougher, unless there’s an easy mode as well.

  2. Definitely seeing the God of War/Dante’s Inferno comparisons but that’s a good thing. Looks stunning.

  3. Looks fantastic, looking forward to this.

  4. As I said on Twitter yesterday this has got 7/10 written all over it. Yes it’s graphically very nice but it’s so generic and slow paced. I see nothing particularly interesting here sadly, just another game where you creep around, open boxes, hack and slash at a very slow pace. May be wrong but I doubt it. I’ve reviewed it already, 7/10, looks nice, gameplay a bit slow.

    • I dare you to go on Neogaf and write that, I double dare you! :-P

      Although I think it looks great, I can definitely see why you’d think that.

  5. Looks like they’ve only got it up to 720p right now.

    • Looking at more than the first few seconds of the video, I can’t see why people are comparing this to God of War. It looks exactly like a souls game. Maybe the people who said that are used to playing as magic wielders in previous souls games or just haven’t played them at all, but this is what these games look like when playing with a melee class.

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