News Snatch: Kingdom Hearts 3, Runemaster And The Witcher 3

Blimey O’Reily there is a lot to get through today, pop stars, birds, leaks, denials, trailers and keytars. Try and imagine this as some sort of weird cheese powered dream and you may get through to the end.

To begin with PlayStation Social Media Specialist, Justin Massongill, may be changing his job title quite soon after revealing on a PlayStation Blogcast that PS4 system software update 2.0 will bring a lot of new features “including themes to your PS4!”

“Themes… PS4 getting YouTube support – not only an app, but you’ll be able to broadcast on to YouTube using that Share button,” confirmed PlayStation Social Media Manager Sid Shuman.


However, a few hours later on NeoGAF:

Hi guys – Sid from the Blogcast here, just wanted to confirm that this was in error and the show has been corrected. Sorry for the mixup! We’ll keep you posted on any news related to PS4 themes in the future.

Prepare to do a little sex-wee, Kingdom Hearts 3 co-director Tai Yasue has told a Spanish games site that he would like to add Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar properties to the game. That is not a confirmation they will appear, but the prospect of Iron Man riding a Wompa, attacking the Heartless in the world of Frozen could be an actual thing.

EA are holding back review copies of The Sims 4 until after the game has released. I suggest you hold back from buying the game until you read a review.

Aww, Hatoful Boyfriend has been delayed two weeks! What do you mean you have never heard of the game? You play a teenage girl who enrolls at the St. PigeoNation’s Institute and the objective of the game is to choose between one of eight prospective boyfriends.

All of whom are pigeons. Japan, ladies and gentlemen.

Over an hour of footage from an early build of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has leaked on the internet, watch at your peril as the video contains some spoilers.

I think Hello Games need to work on their PR for No Man’s Sky as they have admitted “You can be bored in this game.”

“There will be space battles and dinosaurs, there’s a lot of fun to be had. But I had to do what I should do as a sci-fi explorer, I had to go out and find that, and that’s really interesting,” added Sean Murray.


Major Nelson has recreated a load of internet Memes to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Reddit app.

I presume they are meant to be amusing. Ha. Ha.

A trailer for Fantasy Life on 3DS, a RPG/Sims mash-up.

Planetside 2 PS4 Update News: It’s still being worked on, no release date. Meh.

Go on an  “emotional odyssey that investigates the heart of humanity, music, and supreme zest” in the lawyer baiting, pun-tastical Beyonce: Two Souls.

“No expense will be spared. No platform will be left unexplored. Prepare for a media shitstorm of excitement,” say the rather hyperactive chaps at developers Powernoid.

Probably an iOS game then.

Warframe, the free-to-play shooter is to arrive on Xbox One next month. The game has 10 million players on PS4 and PC and has been a big hit with TSA regulars.

The Ice Bucket Challenge continues to spread across social media and the PlayStation team have doused themselves in cold water for charity.

Amusingly the team have challenged Activision head honcho Bob Kotick to be next in line for a dunking and who doesn’t want to see Bob with perky nipples?

A Pokémon game, specifically the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will be coming to iOS. It’s not the first time the franchise has departed from Nintendo, Pokémon TCG launched on PC in 2011.

Rain, it’s what next-gen was built for. Driveclub has it, and so does Project CARS.

Runemaster was announced and Gamescom and now we have a little more information on the title. The game is a fantasy role-playing game set in the world of Norse mythology and you must choose to prevent – or to bring about – Ragnarok. Runemaster has six worlds, six races to choose from and a male or female choice in each instance plus randomly generated worlds so that a Dwarven berserker and Human skald will play two entirely different games.

Remember when Notch threw his toys out the pram and cancelled the VR version of Minecraft because Facebook bought Oculus Rift? He’s changed his mind.

And Finally, two for the price of none, the Game of Thrones themed played on a 8-bit NES Keytar and Pierce Brosnan plays GoldenEye. Tata!



  1. I think I might just want a NES Keytar. And some lasers to play it in front of, just because, erm, lasers are cool? Is that it?

  2. Fantasy Life reminds me of a combination of Animal Crossing and Ni No Kuni. It’s hard to imagine a more ultimate time-sink.

    Oh, and I’ve actually heard of Hatoful Boyfriend before, as it was mentioned on a podcast I listen to a month or so ago. Not sure if that makes me sad or a hipster. I suppose they are synonymous.

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