Watch Us Infiltrate A Military Base In CounterSpy

Ever since its reveal, CounterSpy’s artistic style and evocative period have captured peoples’ attention, but how it actually plays might have seemed to be a closely guarded secret to many. This is the case no longer, as the game lands on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita today, and we play through one of the procedurally generated missions to show you what it’s all about.

We’ll hopefully have a full review some time in the next few days, if you’d rather wait for a final verdict before leaping in for yourselves.



  1. That looks quite good, i like the main character design and the 2.5D into 3D gameplay. I take it the levels get more intense as you progress and along with the DefCon rating. I’ll add it to the list for now as i have a few games to be getting on with. Nice headshot action btw. :)

    • Ha! Thanks. I’ve got away with some rather ludicrous encounters, as I’ve continued playing.

      The Defcon rating is kind of a lives system, but if you mess up to get discovered for too long, then that kind of counts as life loss too. It’s interesting and quite clever. Some of the intensity comes from knowing that you just can’t mess up anymore, but there’s also more enemies and slightly tougher ones too.

      • Silly me, it’s a stealth game isn’t it. I should probably know how intensity works in stealth games :)
        Going on the comments posted by the folks below, i might be giving CounterSpy priority in my list. Looking forward to the full review.

  2. Really love the music and art direction of the game. I’ve played through about 7 or 8 levels and so far am really enjoying it. It’s not readily apparent from the start how to get to the end level, but it comes to you after a bit of play time. Once you realize that you essentially need to play enough levels to find enough of a specific collectible to unlock the last level, the game introduces a light amount of strategy for how to get there. You need to considering your loadout, what to spend your money on, how to ensure that you can lower DEFCON (and the difficulty) of the levels you play through, as well as your own playing style.
    So far I don’t at all regret spending my $12 (pre-order discount) on the game. Which is a better metric for me than a subjective rating out of 10 or 5.

  3. It’s ace and easily the best indie title I’ve played in some time. Couldn’t put it down and I can’t really pay it any higher compliment than that. At the it’s current price it is an absolute steal and puts some other so called AAA titles to shame when it comes to bang for your buck (Diablo 3 I’m looking at you).

    Seriously though, don’t miss this one, it deserves your time and pocket change.

  4. Great game, very addictive! It’s not the sort of game I’ll be able to play for a long time in one go, but it will be a “go to” game on PS4 when I’m looking to fill 1/2 hour.

    Presentation is wonderful, and the randomly generated levels is great too.

    As others have said, an absolute bargain for £8 on 3 formats! Only played PS4, hoping to try it on Vita later to see how that holds up.

    I managed to beat Teflon’s score to get my International Nemesis trophy – cheers Tef! :p

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