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Watch Dogs Adds Friend Hacking, Tones Down Trophy Difficulty

Ubisoft has launched its latest update for hacker vigilante sim, Watch Dogs, finally allowing players to invade others on their friends list. Other parts of the games have also be refined and reworked, including the notorious drinking mini-games.

At launch, many complained about this particular chunk of side content which sees players go up against increasingly difficulty QTE sequences. It was laborious and finicky yet some who already have the trophy will no doubt feel as though their accomplishment has been diminished somewhat.

Surprisingly, Ubisoft has yet to address another one of the game’s tricky trophies, Disk Space Full. This one has players plodding around Chicago, using a Shazam-like app to detect and store songs. It’s clever yet the random nature of these songs mean that some players have been left trawling the city for hours on end with no luck. Players had similar issues with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag last year and the random nature of one its trophy.

Here’s the list of fixes in full:

Single Player Added Features

REPLAY OPTIONS – After having completed the main story line, players will now have the option to reset previously played Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions. – (ALL PLATFORMS)

DRINKING GAMES – The Drinking Games were re-tuned based on community feedback. – (ALL PLATFORMS)

– Increase round fail time by 20%. More time for player to finish.
– Increase button cycling time by 50%. More time between button switch.
– Increase player reticle radius by 25% in collect button mode. Allow easier button press succeeded on bad latency tv.
– Increase player reticle last frame velocity impact on this frame position (inertia friction) by 70%. The player reticle slow down faster when no input from player -> easier to stay on the spot targeted & More precise player control.
– Increase player input factor by 50%. More precise and more reactive player control.
– Reduce max force applied randomly to player reticle from 0.35 to 0.29. Less strong random impulse for drunk effect.
– Reduce moving target speed by 15%. Easier for player to time his button press on a target.

Multiplayer Added Features

HACK YOUR FRIENDS – You can now select available friends via the grid and hack or tail them without their knowledge. This can be disabled under online options. – (ALL PLATFORMS)

CTOS MOBILE – Mobile players disconnecting will no longer result in the gameplay ending for the console/PC player. Console and PC players will play their match to the end and receive some Notoriety points for doing so. – (ALL PLATFORMS)

MULTIPLAYER BAD BEHAVIOR – Players who are frequently disconnecting from multiplayer matches will be pooled together and paired only against players with similar online behaviors. – (ALL PLATFORMS)

If you’re playing against someone else who disconnects unfairly, you will get the same amount of Notoriety as if you had won at that moment.

The disconnector will not receive any Notoriety.

Single Player Fixes

POKER – Fixed a bug in which players were getting stuck playing poker if they used the camera against the last opponent in a low stakes game. – (ALL PLATFORMS)

MISSING PERSONS INVESTIGATIONS – Fixed instances in which the wrong text was appearing in Portuguese language. – (ALL PLATFORMS)


  1. Fuckers. Whilst it didn’t cause me as much bother as I’d have expected (failed 5-6 times I think), the thought of failing those drinking games was annoying enough. Making your way back drunkenly, and listening to the twat opposite, waiting for him to pour you another drink. 180 rounds. Awful. What a shit thing to put in the game. More annoying that people will now be able to do it with ease – people should just practice. If you want it enough you’ll do it in the end.

    Hacking friends was promised before launch! Also, it’s now May and no news on when the first DLC drop will be. At least the season pass was only about £14.

    • The first person I thought of when I saw this headline was you mate! Knew you’d be impressed…

      • Haha!

        It was the same as Escape Plan on Vita. I persist at getting a trophy, only for it to be patched and made easier for everyone else!! :(

      • Yeah, kudos to anyone who gnabbed it before this patch.

        Still, Ubi really need to sort out the Disk Space Full trophy. It doesn’t even require skill, just luck and hours and hours of roaming the city.

  2. If you got a friend to help you, the drinking game were a doddle.

  3. Happy about the drinking games, it’s the only trophy I have left for platinum so that’s the motivation I needed to get it done. Disk space full was easy if you follow a guide, use it to find which songs you haven’t got yet and each song can only be found in a couple of locations so as long as you follow that you can’t go wrong.

    • There are 3 songs that cannot be obtained that way annoyingly, and can only be hacked at random from people. This was the last trophy I needed to platinum, but I gave up in the end as it just wasn’t worth the time I was putting into it!

      • That’s a shame, I seemed to get a lot of tracks through hacking. You could go to one of the Piers where there are loads of people and just profile them as they walk past, and hope you get lucky. Can’t imagine it’d take more than an hour or so. Although that’s a long time if you’re not doing anything in-game ;)

  4. So this is live now then?

    I haven’t even bothered with a lot of stuff yet, but getting someone to actually invade your game & tail you rather than hack you has been an absolute chore. Don’t think I have been tailed once as people only seem to be interested in hacking (more reward I suppose?).

    • If you disable your online (wiping your progress sadly), then reenable it and tail someone, you then tend to get tailed soon after. I rinsed and repeated this for the trophy!

    • Or basically keep playing online. How online works (for the most part) is that after you Tail or Hack someone, you’re then up for being Tailed or Hacked yourself. Sadly it is often more likely you’ll be hacked than tailed, but playing online certainly increases your chances. If the scenery moves in the background of the pause screen it means someone is in your game (hopefully being tailed), so I would suggest standing still and letting them successfully hack you. They’re usually not very subtle so you can see who they are (crashing into other cars or sprinting about randomly).

      • Thanks to you both for your suggestions, but I was hoping to not have to go through all that hassle – I have been doing online stuff for my own things (tails/hacks), but no matter what I do no-one seems to tail me. Ever.

        This may be a better way of doing it if I can just get a friend to do it instead of relying on randoms.

      • Happy to help if need be, just send me a PSN message! ;)

      • Thanks dude – I still have quite a way to go through the story & have 8/9 more online hacks to do (don’t know the city well enough to know decent vantage points yet), so it may come organically anyway, but nice to know the option will be there should I need it! :)

      • The matchmaking is slightly screwy, so I found the higher your rank, the less likely you were to be invaded. As you can target friends now though this may be completely avoidable if you can boost together! Forrest with regards to hacking other people, I found the most successful tactic was to find a reasonable busy street, set off some traffic lights to cause a pile up and hide behind a car on the side of the road. If you keep an eye on the person you are invading, working your way around the car so you are always hidden from them then you are a bugger to find. Almost never failed for me.

  5. Althought I can appreciate it would be annoying for people that already have it, I am glad they’ve addressed the drinking games. I haven’t picked up that trophy yet cos it’s just annoying grind so this will make it easier.

  6. I still got quite a few side missions to do. Probs boot it up later and clear a few more. The worst thing about Watch Dogs was the piss poor music/radio, imo. Really a missed opportunity, considering it’s set in Chicago, the home of house, trap, footwork, etc..

  7. I’m one of those who have just the drinking game trophy to complete the lot. I’m wondering whether GAME (and other establishments) will see an increase in the number of trade-ins of this game now that we should all be able to complete it.

    • I’m sure they will. I got the platinum tonight and am trading it in tomorrow

  8. I hate games that do this!
    Dont mean to dig the people who cant do it but it is kind of crap that the game dumbs itself down for gamers not able to obtain this trophy. I have done it as have most other gamers i know and it didnt come without its fair share of pain.
    I hope this doesnt become a trend in games when people complain so they make it easier, killing the challenge and the sense of accomplishment!

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